Every 90s Commercial EVER — But With A Surprising Twist! [Video]

Every 90's Commercial Ever

There’s no denying that ’90s commercials, especially those aimed at children, were a bit more “animated” than they are today.

There were a few stereotypes typical of ’90s ads that make them easily distinguishable from the sort of commercials we see today.

They tended to be colorful, cheery (almost cartoonishly so), and often feature a pro-athlete playing an impromptu game with children for not readily explainable reason.

Want a glimpse at every ’90s commercial ever?

Then you should check out the “commercial” put together by the folks over at RocketJump.

It starts out the same way a number of ’90s kids commercials began: With a group of youngsters sitting around, bored with no visible way to entertain themselves.

Remember, there was no PlayStation 4 or high-speed internet, and no kid anywhere in America had ever heard of a “smart phone.”

Suddenly, one child (using the bulky cell phone of yesteryear) announces that a pro athlete is in the park playing football with their friends.

Prior to going the ’90s commercial mom threatens to kill the fun by telling the kids they can’t go. However, as the ’90s commercial mom was also the “cool” mom, she tells them that they can’t go…until they drink their Big Game Liquid Slam drinks.

The product is clearly a parody of Capri Sun, which becomes very clear when the children drink the liquid and take on the 90s GCI shapes of liquid metal.

They are then able to travel (in liquid metal form) to the park where their friends are playing with a football player named “Don Don” Darius Jackson.

Their friend Cody announces that their arrival means that they’ll be able to have a full team to play.

Instead, their arrival means…something rather different.

Very different.

In fact, I’m not going to spoil this segment for you by revealing what happens next. You sort of have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate “the magic.”

Let’s just say that the ’90s commercial takes a rather unexpected (and depending on your sense of humor, somewhat hilarious) turn.

But don’t worry!

The ’90s commercial cliché gets (sort of) back on track as Jackson and kids return to ’90s mom’s house just in time to snack on “awesome” Pizza Pigskins.

The “Every 90’s Commercial Ever” video has proved pretty popular, already garnering more than 1.6 million views despite being on YouTube for less than two days.

Were you a kid in the ’90s? If so, what was your favorite ’90s commercial?

[Image Credit: RocketJump]