Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Season, Episode 6: Kelsey’s Panic Attack Raises Suspicion

Kelsey Poe from ABC's 'The Bachelor' 2015 season

Episode 6 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 will pick up right where fans were left hanging with Episode 5 that aired Monday night: with Kelsey Poe’s panic attack. Just after Chris Soules walked out of the room where the ladies sat, as it was decided that there would be no cocktail party, Poe walked out and suddenly was on the floor in the middle of what appeared to be a panic attack. What Bachelor spoilers are available regarding what happens next?

ABC shared a new Bachelor spoiler preview showing the chaos that ensues as a medic works on Poe. Chris Soules is nowhere to be seen initially, but the other bachelorettes are buzzing. Many a fan were left wondering if Kelsey’s anxiety attack was for real, and it seems they’re not alone.

The new preview shows that several of the ladies are suspicious about this one, as well. Nobody looks too terribly worried, and as Becca Tilley says, most of them are still trying to figure out what about Kelsey is real versus manipulative. Carly Waddell points out that the timing of the supposed collapse seems awfully suspicious.

In the midst of it all, Kelsey says she’d like to talk to Chris, and this gets the girls buzzing even more. The clip also shows Kelsey saying from behind the oxygen mask that she’s going to get a rose that night for sure. While there’s surely some tricky editing involved in that clip, there are definitely some red flags about how genuine this incident of Kelsey’s was.

Even Chris Soules and host Chris Harrison admitted in their blogs this week that there is reason to be suspicious about Poe’s anxiety attack, as well. Kelsey has shared via her Twitter page that she’s not sure she can watch it and relieve it all and that she’s definitely in need of some support and kindness as it all airs. Not everybody believes this is all genuine and legitimate though.

Reality Steve’s spoilers for this rose ceremony elimination indicate that Kelsey will get a rose, but Mackenzie and Samantha will head home. Most would imagine that things will get very tense when it comes to Poe and the other bachelorettes as they all head to South Dakota.

Just how long will Kelsey be able to garner Soules’ roses? Her time is about to run out, according to Steve’s Bachelor spoilers. Poe and Ashley Iaconetti get a two-on-one date with Chris in Episode 6 and it is not said to go well.

This date is said to be quite contentious and fans would imagine it’ll be both painful and entertaining. Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that, ultimately, Chris will send both Ashley and Kelsey packing during this date. Megan Bell is also said to eliminate herself at some point.

Kelsey started off the Bachelor 2015 season making a good impression, but most would say that has definitely changed over the past couple of episodes. Just how crazy does it get as she plays every card she has trying to get one of Soules’ roses? It sounds like it’ll be quite the wild ride.

Episode 6 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules airs on Monday, February 9. Just a handful of episodes remain, airing on Sundays and Mondays until the final rose ceremony, and fans can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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