'Fox News' Is Working For ISIS, Terror Experts Claim After Network Posts Video Of Jordanian Pilot Being Burnt Alive

Tara Dodrill

Fox News is working for ISIS and al-Qaida, according to some terrorism experts. The allegations emerged after Fox News became the only media outlet in the United States to publish the 22-minute video of Jordanian pilot Muahd al-Kasasbeh being burnt alive inside a cage.

"They're a terror organization. They seek to strike terror in the hearts and minds of people globally, and by perpetuating these videos and putting them out there into the internet, it certainly expands the audience and potential effects," Center for Strategic and International Studies senior associate in homeland security and terrorism Rick Nelson said.

"These folks need a platform and this [Fox News execution video publication] gives them a platform."

Fox News had this to say in a statement concerning to release the video of the Jordanian pilot being burnt alive.

"After careful consideration, we decided that giving readers of FoxNews.com the option to see for themselves the barbarity of ISIS outweighed legitimate concerns about the graphic nature of the video. Online users can choose to view or not view this disturbing content."

"Burning him [Jordanian pilot] alive also would be something new that would attract more media coverage, which is the goal of many terrorist attacks," Heritage Foundation Middle Eastern Affairs senior research fellow James Phillips said.

YouTube reportedly removed a link to the Muahd al-Kasasbeh execution video just several hours after it was posted. Facebook officials reportedly stated that the social media platform would remove any posting of the video of the Jordanian pilot being burnt alive if any such link appeared on the website.

What do you think about Fox News being accused of helping or working for al-Qaida and ISIS?

[Image via Twitter]