Did Bushfire arsonist Brendan Sokaluk kill 21 people to get back at girlfriend?

Duncan Riley

Brendan Sokaluk, the man accused of lighting a fire that killed 21 people in Victoria may have been acting out after being jilted by his possibly firefighter ex, The Inquisitr has learned.

In our earlier post, we noted that Sokaluk was bitter about an ex called [name redacted], writing “my interest are to enjoy life to the fallest [sic] and not with alexandra because she roots behind your back and lies a lot" on his MySpace page.

With thanks to @cravenjade on Twitter, we can reveal that person may be a volunteer bush firefighter, although we don't yet have her last name.

Alexandra is 31, lives in the Gippsland area, and works in age care as her full time position.

Notably, her profile picture, and other pictures on her MySpace page show her in a CFA (Country Fire Authority) uniform.

Her friends list includes other fire fighters, although disturbingly one set of pictures is made under the title of "pyro;" we're not sure if that's the name of the dog pictured, or another reference.

If anyone knows anything more, let us know. There's two possibilities here: Sokaluk lit the fire to get back at her, given she may have been on call with the CFA at the time or possibly she has a fire obsession as well (birds of a feather).

Update: following some concern we've redacted the name and face in this post.

Update 2: media reports today (which I'd note name her, and show her picture) suggest that she wasn't a firefighter but raised money for the CFA, and was friendly with CFA volunteers, notably men. Could she have had a relatioship perhaps? or did Sokaluk think there was a relationship?