Missy Elliot Asks For Prayers For Her ‘Little Sister’

Missy Elliot Calls Bobbi Kristina Brown Her 'Little Sister'

Missy Elliot has had the comeback of a lifetime. After her Super Bowl performance on Sunday with Katy Perry, you’d think that Elliot would be flying high. Instead, Elliot is worrying about the woman she refers to as a “sister,” Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Elliot tweeted before her big Super Bowl performance, “sending prayers for my lil sis.”

After reports that Whitney Houston’s 21-year-old daughter was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub, Elliot shared her distaste for the jokes by sending out another tweet.

According to the New York Daily News, Missy has had a “close relationship with Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, for years.” Elliot had worked with Whitney Houston on one of her last albums, My Love Is Your Love.

When asked to comment, Missy told E! News that “Bobbi is like a little sister to me.”

Elliot added, “I have been very close to her mother. One thing that her mother said to me before she passed away was to make sure Bobbi Kristina was straight.”

Bobbi Kristina continues to stay on Elliot’s mind as Elliot tweeted very early Wednesday morning, asking people to continue the prayers.

Elliot has shared that her hope for Bobbi Kristina, who remains hospitalized and on life support, is “that she comes out and be around people that love her.”

Elliot’s little sister is surely surrounded by many people who love her, as her family remains by her side.

Jerod Brown, Bobbi Kristina’s cousin, made a statement thanking everyone, including Missy, saying, “The family appreciates your support. Please you all, continue to #PrayForBK.”

People have been doing just what Missy and Jerod Brown have asked, sending so much love and prayers online.

I’m sure that although she is experiencing a lot of joy from the resurgence in her popularity, Missy Elliot and her thoughts will continue to be with her “little sister” and her family.

[Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News]