Britt Nilsson Next 'Bachelorette'? ‘Women Tell All’ May Make Or Break Her Chances Per Reality Steve

Will Britt Nilsson be named the next Bachelorette after Chris Soules hands out his final rose in March? Earlier in the season, Reality Steve was certain that she would be a top pick, now he's not so sure. [Spoilers ahead.]

After Britt spent time "napping" with Chris on their one-on-one date on Episode 5, the feedback about her wasn't positive — not only from the other ladies on the show, but from fans as well. Reality Steve states that Britt will have to win fans back over when she's in the hot seat on the upcoming Women Tell All special (March 2) if she wants ABC to choose her as the next Bachelorette.

"I'm starting to have my doubts about who from this season will get the gig. Monday didn't help her [Britt's] cause. But remember, she still has the WTA to win people over."
On his Bachelor blog, Chris Soules states that he wasn't aware until he watched Episode 5 that Britt didn't want kids and "loved being single." He felt she was sincere about wanting "100 kids" during their one-on-one date.
"Back at my hotel, I just wanted to spend more time getting to know Britt... I didn't know she'd go and tell all the girls about it... I don't get to see or hear what happens when I'm not around until it's on television. Watching the girls talk about Britt while we were on our date, as well as about how she said she didn't want kids any time soon and loved being single, was the first I'd heard of that. She seemed sincere when she was telling me about her desire for marriage and kids."
Chris goes on to say that viewers should "stay tuned" to see what happens to Britt — a clear indication to fans who follow spoilers that she won't be around for long. Rumor has it that Britt will get a rose on Episode 6 (February 9) after attending the Big & Rich concert with Chris, but will supposedly leave on her own the following week. (Episode 7, February 15).There is no word on why Britt leaves the week before hometown dates, but there was initially speculation that she might be leaving the show early to take on the role of the Bachelorette, similar to Andi Dorfman's exit on Juan Pablo's season. Will Reality Steve's initial hunch that she will be cast for the role be correct, or will she have to work hard to win fans over to become ABC's next leading lady?

[Image: ABC]