‘RHOBH’ Drama: Lisa Rinna Claims Her Co-Stars’ Behavior ‘Speaks For Itself’

Lisa Rinna RHOBH

The RHOBH drama between Lisa Rinna and Brandi Glanville may be slowing down. Although the two were at each other’s throats in their Bravo blogs last week, Rinna took a different approach after this week’s episode, choosing to keep Glanville’s name out of her recap.

In her Bravo blog on February 4, Rinna wrote the following.

“First and foremost, I always do my best to come from a place of truth and compassion. I try to make sure that my intentions are good and my conscience is clear each and every day. I may not always succeed and sometimes find myself falling down that rabbit hole of drama, but I try to learn from my mistakes. There is always a lesson to be learned. This is how we evolve and we must be forgiving of ourselves and one another in order to do so.”

Although Rinna would like to remain civil with the ladies, Glanville included, RHOBH drama is unavoidable — especially lately.

During the last few episodes, Glanville has made quite the spectacle of herself, choosing to grasp onto her friendship with Kim Richards, and not allow her sister, Kyle, to interfere. She even engaged in a physical altercation with Kyle, and threatened to knock her teeth out.

“With that said, I do believe everyone’s behavior speaks for itself and that behavior will always have consequences, both positive and negative. Everyone needs to own their sh**, particularly if they’re inclined to dish it out. There has been plenty of weird behavior so far, and you don’t need me to break it down piece by piece. Except for maybe the look on Lisa V.’s face when I went in for that smooch! I mean, I get it! Could you imagine these babies coming at you? But in the words of Katy Perry, ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it!'”

In her blog last week, as reported by the Inquisitr, Rinna amped up the RHOBH drama, calling Glanville a drunk and suggesting she get professional help for her issues.

“There’s too much drinking that goes on. There’s alcoholism raging like crazy and we’re having to deal with it,” Rinna said, according to a report by Daily Mail Online. “That would not have happened tonight if people were not drinking or on something.”

“I’m sorry. Women do not behave like that unless they are inebriated or something else is going on. I like Brandi, but she’s a drunk. She needs rehab.”

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