Ex-Husband Of Walmart Heiress, Paige Laurie, Demands $400,000 A Month In Alimony For ‘Necessities’

Patrick Dubbert, ex-husband of Walmart heiress Paige Laurie, has filed a lawsuit demanding Laurie pay him $400,000 a month in alimony. Dubbert claims the money is needed for “necessities,” as he is used to a lavish lifestyle. The “necessities” include items such as a personal stylist, lavish monthly vacations, a multi-million dollar home, and a chauffeur.

The Daily Mail reports that Dubbert and ex-wife Laurie were only marred for six years. Dubbert did sign a prenuptial agreement prior to the their secret wedding in 2008. However, it is noted that the prenuptial agreement did allow for Patrick to receive “spousal support” should the couple divorce. Dubbert is currently receiving $30,000 a month from Paige that will last for three years, half the amount of time the couple was married. Dubbert says this isn’t enough and he needs more, as he is used to the lavish life he had while married to Paige.

Dubbert claims that Paige can easily afford to pay the hefty spousal support payments, as she brings in over $872,000 a month from Walmart stocks and dividends. TMZ has outlined the “necessities” that Dubbert claims to need to “get back on his feet” and live a life similar to that he had with Paige prior to their divorce.

  • A rental home (between $40,000 and $60,000 a month)
  • A personal chef ($6,700 a month)
  • A personal trainer ($2,500 a month)
  • A personal stylist ($1,000 a month)
  • Vacations ($30,000 a month, including NetJets)
  • Clothes ($5,000 a month)
  • Charitable donations ($2,500)
  • Furniture ($10,000 a month)
  • Entertainment ($80K a month)
  • A driver ($4,000 a month)
  • Other ‘necessities’

The request for the $400,000 a month is pre-tax; therefore, Dubbert would receive about $200,000 a month post-tax, the amount he says is needed to live his life as normal. Dubbert says he is owed the money as he previously worked for Paige’s company and needs time (and money) to get back on his feet and find a new job.

TMZ points out that the main reason Dubbert is seeking a higher monthly alimony settlement is due to the fact he misses his old lifestyle.

“He says, the law is the law and he’s become accustomed to their lavish lifestyle, which included yacht parties that costs $500K a pop, travel in the Walmart private jet, and on and on.”

What do you think of Dubbert’s extreme alimony claims? Should Paige Laurie, Walmart heiress, be forced to pay such a steep monthly settlement to ensure her husband of six years can maintain his lavish lifestyle just because she can afford it?