Single Dad Takes Lessons On Styling Daughter’s Hair: Now ‘A Bonding Experience’ For Them Both

Father Styles Daughter's Hair

A single dad styles his daughter’s hair quite nicely after taking it upon himself to learn about beauty techniques. Having little girls often means helping them with their tresses, and this father wants to cover all the bases. In a report by ABC News, Greg Wickherst tells them that a skill he needed assistance in when it comes to raising his 3-year-old daughter, is styling her hair. It means a lot to him that Izzy’s hair looks pretty after helping her with it.

Wickherst says he has Izzy most of the time since he and his wife split up. He says that he used to part her hair and tried making pony tails, but was unable to “figure it out” for some reason.

Being a college counselor at IntelliTec College in Pueblo, Colorado, Wickherst decided to take lessons on hairstyling from cosmetology students who attend there.

“I asked them to give me some pointers. After meeting with a student I learned a bunch of different styles. I also found it was a bonding experience between me and my daughter.”

Wickherst has learned a lot of techniques in styling his daughter’s hair since last summer. Some of the styles his daughter wears in hair are French braids, fishtail braids, waterfall braids, and buns. Izzy often asks him to put a bun in her hair and sometimes braids.

 Father Styles Daughter's Hair

Father Styles Daughter's Hair

Father Styles Daughter's Hair

His efforts have rendered a huge social media buzz. The father has posted photos on his Facebook page of his daughter’s various hairstyles. He’s not sure what the big deal is after taking lessons on how to style his daughter’s hair, however.

“It’s really crazy that it has gotten all the attention it has. All I did was I took an interest in doing my daughter’s hair. It shows people that dads can do this kind of stuff and I absolutely love it.”

Wickherst wants to continue styling his little girl’s hair with suggestions others might have and learn other ways to give her different looks.

In an interview with KRDO, Wickherst explains that fathers can do this kind of thing for their daughters — just as mothers can help with their son’s needs as well.

“I think dads should take care of their daughter’s hair and moms should take care of their son’s football or whatever.”

The father who took lessons in how to style his daughter’s hair hopes this helps in breaking some of the gender stereotypes that exist when it comes to parenting.

[Photo Credit: Facebook via Mail Online]