‘Real Housewives’ Star Teresa Giudice Targeted By Inmates Because Of Her ‘High Profile’ Status?

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice could have her work cut out for her when it comes to making friends behind bars.

According to a Radar Online report on February 4, Giudice’s fellow inmates could “be out to get her” because of her high-profile life. In an interview with the site, Beatrice Codianni, who served time at Danbury’s Federal Correctional Institute, revealed the drama Giudice may be facing as she serves her 15-month prison term for bank and wire fraud.

“A lot of inmates will do everything that they can to make her life miserable,” Codianni explained. “Her high-profile celebrity status inside prison is like a double-edged sword. Teresa will have to watch out because if she is given special treatment, such as using the phone after lockdown, it will cause other inmates to be incredibly resentful.”

“Teresa’s security status also puts her at risk. There are a couple different levels of security that prisoners can be at. FCI is high-security. Depending on the crime that got you in there, you get a different security level. Camp status is low security and it is what Teresa is at. But camp status can make you a prison target because a lot of people have hard feelings towards the ‘campers’ because of the special treatment they get. Teresa can get more things from the commissary and she can walk around freely from building to building.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Real Housewives star has already reportedly received special treatment behind bars, which hasn’t sat well with the other inmates at Danbury.

“Some inmates call her ‘Princess Teresa,'” a source told In Touch Weekly, according to a Radar Online report.”They don’t like her, because they think she gets special treatment from the staff. She’ll get a job in the kitchen when other inmates were told there were no openings, she gets to eat lunch before the main line at lunch and dinner.”

Still, Codianni claimed things may not be all bad for the Real Housewives star.

“There are a few people that will really cozy up to her and kiss her butt because of who she is and where she came from. Because Teresa has said she is writing a book while she is in there, there are some people who may want to get on her good side. Some people find could find that as a reason to keep in good faith with her.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently in hiatus.

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