Felicity Jones Lands ‘Star Wars’ Stand-Alone Lead Role

Felicity Jones is in talks to lead the stand-alone Star Wars film directed by Gareth Edwards. Lucasfilm and Disney have focused on Felicity as their female lead. Chris Weitz is also joining the cast to rewrite the initial script, written by Gary Whitta.

According to an exclusive from the Hollywood Reporter, Felicity is in negotiations for the role. Last week, actresses began reading for the part. It has not been revealed who Jones will play in the movie, and the film could be about anything from bounty hunters to a young Princess Leia. Felicity will most likely star opposite Aaron Paul or Edgar Ramirez, who are at the top of the interest list for male lead.

Most recently, Jones received a best actress Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Jane Hawking, Stephen Hawking’s first wife, in The Theory of Everything. Felicity’s co-star, Eddie Redmayne, has also received a nomination for his work in the film. Jones, James Franco, and Jonah Hill star in True Story, which just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Felicity is currently shooting the family fantasy A Monster Calls with Liam Neeson and Toby Kebbell, directed by J.A. Bayona.

The Huffington Post adds that Jones is prepared for a major blockbuster action film. Felicity played Felicia Hardy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a character that goes on to become Black Cat in the Marvel universe. Jones also seemed open to a larger film experience in a conversation with Huffington Post Live last year.

“I like watching bigger films. As long as there’s something you find when you read the script — some response you have to it — then I think go for it. I think the world needs both [small films and blockbusters]. Sometimes you do just want to go to the movies and be entertained.”

Initial rumors for casting in the Star Wars had Jones reading for the part along with Rooney Mara from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black. Maslany was initially favored for the lead, according to first reports from a source close to the project. Tatiana had withdrawn from an off-Broadway production due to scheduling conflicts, giving more evidence for those rumors.

[Photo Source: Ace Show Biz]