Bobbi Kristina Brown: Doctors Reportedly Reveal There Is ‘Little They Can Do’ As Family Battle Ensues

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s critical condition has been questioned hundreds of times over the past couple days, because no one has released detailed information. However, yet another source connected to the family has revealed doctors have explained to the family that there is “little they can do” for Bobbi Kristina. According to Fox News, the source shared the doctors’ prognosis, and now the matter is based on how long the family wants to keep her on life support.

“They’ve left it up to the family as to how long they want to keep her alive.”

Although the family has yet to confirm, many news outlets have speculated that Bobbi Kristina is, indeed, “brain dead” and still in a comatose state because of a ventilator. Many medical specialists have weighed in on Bobbi Kristina’s seemingly irreversible condition. According to News4-Jax, Dr. William Gill, a pulmonologist at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, recently explained the purpose of a ventilator and the difficulty in determining how long Bobbi Kristina could remain on the breathing machine.

“You can keep people on a ventilator and give them food, medication to sedate them and reduce brain activity for weeks, but if the brain is gone, injured, people don’t survive that more than 30 days.”

While it was rumored that the family would be taking Bobbi Kristina off life support on Feb. 3, the family decided against making the daunting decision and opted to transfer the 21-year-old from North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, Georgia, to Emory Hospital in Atlanta. However, Bobbi Kristina’s ailing condition isn’t the only matter at hand.

The family is reportedly embroiled in a bitter feud, reports TMZ. Although Bobbi Kristina alleged “husband,” Nick Gordon, is no longer problematic where her inheritance is concerned, the rift between the Houston and Brown families continues to ensue. A source recently revealed that despite Bobbi Kristina’s condition, the two families still cannot come together in wake of the tragedy at hand. It has also been reported that the families are also refusing to co-exist and have been arguing over who can have access to the area where Bobbi Kristina is being treated within the facility.

“The Houston family is sick of the Brown family acting up, as they always do.”

However, the Houston family may be forced to co-exist. Since it has been revealed that Bobbi Kristina was not legally married to Nick Gordon, technically, her father Bobby Brown is now in control of her affairs going forward. Bobby’s legal counsel, Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen, LLC, recently released a statement in regards to the marital ordeal. But, unfortunately, no further details about her condition have been revealed.

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