‘Bachelorette’ Star Josh Murray Is Back Supporting Chris Soules: ‘Let’s See What Ur Workin With’

Bachelorette star Josh Murray has been spending some time away from the spotlight, as he has been healing his heart after the public breakup with Andi Dorfman. Even though Josh and Andi tried to keep the breakup low-key, many media reports took the breakup and ran with it, resulting in stories about controlling partners and unhappy family members. And while Dorfman tried to heal her heart with her friends, Murray has been keeping to himself.

This week, Josh Murray announced that he was slowly returning to a normal life once again. Murray had left for a week-long trip with his mother after the breakup to ensure that he was doing alright, but Josh has been back in Atlanta for quite some time. Now, Josh is ready to watch The Bachelor once again.

According to a new tweet, Bachelorette star Josh Murray is now revealing that he watched Chris Soules’ journey this week and he was even live-tweeting briefly with fans. Clearly, Josh loves tweeting with his followers, and he revealed that he actually hadn’t been watching the show.

“Ok Chris Soules, lets see what ur workin with here, this is my first episode after the premiere, scoop it son!” Josh Murray revealed this week on Twitter.

Even though Josh didn’t exactly tweet excessively, Chris Soules did address some of the hilarious things that happened throughout the episode. Maybe watching The Bachelor again was just too emotional for Murray.

For the record I think showering is a good thing! #TheBachelor

— Chris Soules (@C_Soules) February 3, 2015

I honestly didn’t know anyone was awake including Carly! #TheBachelor

— Chris Soules (@C_Soules) February 3, 2015

Oh man! I was flattered that Jordan made the trip but that was a tough position to be in! #TheBachelor @BachelorABC

— Chris Soules (@C_Soules) February 3, 2015

And it sounds like it is indeed Josh tweeting from his account. According to the Inquisitr, Josh was indirectly accusing Andi of logging into his social media accounts after breaking up with him. While Murray didn’t mention her in the tweet, she was quick to tweet something to her followers. Apparently, she wants Josh to know that she had nothing to do with it, and that she has better things to do with her time.

It sounds like things are not great between Josh Murray and his former fling. But he may be getting some support from his family members. Shortly after announcing the end of his engagement, Josh’s brother decided to end his engagement as well.

It is awesome to see Murray sticking with the Bachelor family, even though the breakup appeared to be rough. It will be interesting to see how Josh and Andi will handle being around one another at future Bachelor events.

Do you think it is great to see Josh Murray connecting with Chris Soules?

[Image via Hollywood Take]