Budweiser Baby: Clydesdale Born During Super Bowl Makes A Splash

Regina Avalos

A new Budweiser baby has arrived. A Clydesdale was born just minutes before the popular "Lost Dog" commercial for Budweiser aired during this year's Super Bowl. Budweiser is now showing off the newest addition to their lineup.

According to Palm Beach Post, Arizona was born at Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri on Sunday. Anheuser-Busch shared a photo of the new baby on social media, and it confirmed that Arizona was born just minutes before their commercial aired during the event on Sunday. Mother and the baby Clydesdale are doing fine after the birth.

— Anheuser-Busch (@AnheuserBusch) February 3, 2015

Budweiser's new "Lost Dog" commercial was one of the big hits of this year's Super Bowl batch of commercials. Budweiser won people over with their puppy themed commercial last year, and they stayed with the same theme this year.

The commercial featured a dog trying to find its way back home after accidentally running off. His owner searches for the lost pup, but it is not the owner that finds the dog. The Clydesdales hear the puppy bark for help, and they run to its aid.

According to USA Today, this commercial won fans over in a year that featured some more somber Super Bowl ads that stirred up controversy. The "Lost Dog" commercial came out on top and won USA Today's Ad Meter ranking. This is the second year in the row that Budweiser managed to grab the top spot.

Brian Perkins from Budweiser said "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" when asked about the decision to go with the puppy theme again for this year's ad.

Kelly VonDrehle was on the panel for USA Today's Ad Meter, and they revealed the reason behind the ranking of this year's commercial.

"I have my own little dog, and seeing the Clydesdales save that sweet, precious little angel brought a slight tear to my eye."

— Sue Bell Bowman (@suebellbowman) February 4, 2015

— Angela Case (@angelamcase) February 4, 2015

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]