Did Curiosity Rover Discover A ‘Flying Eagle’ On Mars? Alien Hunters Seem To Think So

Mars Curiosity Rover has just made another intriguing “discovery” which — according to eager alien enthusiasts — adds to a series of bizarre anomalies the NASA robot has reportedly stumbled upon over the past few months.

According to various UFOlogists on the internet, most prominently YouTuber UFOvni2012, an image taken by the Curiosity rover on Sol 882 (the 882nd solar day of the rover’s stay on Mars) reveals “evidence” of a “flying eagle,” which in the picture appears to be soaring over a particular martian mountain range. Although nothing more than a bird-like silhouette at first glance, many extra-terrestrial hunters are convinced that the tiny speck in the rover image is that of a martian avian.


The intriguing “find” has unsurprisingly invited wackier conspiracy theories into the discussion. On the comment section of the video, users have put forward their opinions and speculations regarding the Mars Curiosity Rover picture. One user, Nicholas Macnutt, says the bird-looking blot on the rover photo might possibly be an eagle-shaped UFO.

“I think it is a bird shaped craft. I put a lot of thought into this and that is what I came up with. I do believe UFO can shape shift. A natural bird that big would most likely feed on the dead like a vulture. I can’t get my head around it. It does look like a bird to me. Third possibility is that it is a trained bird that someone uses for scouting. Perhaps…”

Another user, TheGuitarmanRH, had a more far-fetched observation. The commenter opined that the “eagle” discovery suggests that the Curiosity rover isn’t actually on Mars.

He writes, “This is not mars its earth! Check out rich planet tv,s mars deception on youtube the prove it categorically the nasholes are not on mars and they are filming on earth and altering the colour thats why we see an eagle here. [sic]”

Nevertheless, the “flying eagle discovery,” together with perhaps all of the recent anomalies reportedly discovered by the Mars rover, is probably just the product of what many psychologists call pareidolia. Live Science describes it as a psychological phenomenon “that causes some people to see or hear a vague or random image or sound as something significant.”

Although not as blatant and improbable as the Mars bird find featured above, scientists are open to the possibility of finding life on the neighboring planet. The recent spikes in the methane level of the planet’s atmosphere might hint to the potential existence of microbes underneath the martian surface, according to some scientists from NASA. The Curiosity rover discovered the uneven levels last year, and one expert says they are not closing its doors to considering the possibility that the methane may have been a by-product of undiscovered life on the red planet.

[Image from NASA]