‘Power Ranger’ Murder: Ricardo Medina Jr.’s Fatal Fight With Roommate Was Over Unwelcome Girlfriend

The Power Ranger murder case may have grown even more bizarre, with reports that actor Ricardo Medina Jr. stabbed his roommate to death in a fight over an unwelcome girlfriend.

Medina allegedly killed Jason Sutter during a brawl on Saturday. Reports indicated that Medina and his girlfriend locked themselves in a bedroom, and when Sutter forced his way in Medina responded by stabbing him with a sword. Sutter was taken to a hospital but declared dead on arrival.

Now, TMZ is reporting that the fatal fight took place over Medina’s girlfriend, who Sutter did not want in the apartment.

“Law enforcement sources tell us the argument started because Sutter was p***** Medina’s girlfriend was hanging out at their place when Medina wasn’t home. The verbal spat eventually escalated into a physical fight. As for the murder weapon… we’re told the sword wasn’t Ranger related — it was a replica medieval style sword a la Conan the Barbarian.”

Medina was detained in the Power Ranger murder but on Tuesday was released from jail. The Los Angeles County sheriff’s office said there was not enough evidence to charge Medina.

“His case was rejected, pending further investigation,” said deputy Amber Smith.

Later, the actor apologized for the incident, saying he regretted what happened.

“I’m very, very, very sorry for what occurred,” he said. “I’m very happy to be out of jail, and my heart goes out to the Sutter family.”

Ricardo Medina Jr. appeared on two Power Ranger shows, playing the Red Ranger on Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002 and the sword-wielding figure Dekker in Power Rangers Samurai.

Medina appeared in a handful of other television shows including the VH1 reality show Kept, in which he and 11 other men vied to become a “kept man” of supermodel Jerry Hall.

Medina appears to have left acting, and now works with The Hollywood Men, a group of male strippers based out of Los Angeles.

Ricardo Medina Jr. could still face charges in the Power Ranger murder, as the district attorney’s office said they are still reviewing evidence and will decide later whether to file charges.