Kristen Doute Talks Life After SUR: Does She Want To Come Back For ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute was finally fired from SUR after working at the restaurant for many years on this week’s episode of the show. Kristen had a feeling that Lisa Vanderpump was upset over her behavior, as Doute completely exploded when Lisa’s restaurant manager tried to get her to leave the premises during an argument.

Kristen Doute was approached by Lisa Vanderpump and her team to address the issue. And as Kristen revealed, she knew that it was bad news as everyone was present during the meeting. And yet, Kristen can now reveal that she is actually very thankful for the time spent at SUR. In fact, it sounds like Doute doesn’t want to give it all up.

According to a new Bravo report, Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute knows that she wouldn’t have had the success and the spotlight if it wasn’t for her role on Vanderpump Rules. While her image may not be the most positive, Doute is trying to use this temporary fame for something good.

“I have to say, I wouldn’t have any of this without her. I wouldn’t have the job, I wouldn’t have the show,” Kristen Doute reveals about Lisa, adding, “So as much I’m not her biggest fan and vice-versa, I’m grateful for the opportunities she’s given me.”

Kristen reveals that while she is thankful for her opportunity to film Vanderpump Rules, she doesn’t seem too keen in returning to SUR just to film the show. According to the Inquisitr, Doute believes that Lisa took some joy in firing her and she reveals that she doesn’t want to work there again. But that doesn’t mean she wants to give up the fame from Vanderpump Rules. Plus, what would the show be without Doute?

“At this point, we’re three years in and everything that I’ve been through, I put my life on the line for everyone to see,” Kristen Doute reveals, adding, “I’d want to continue the journey. I don’t want to throw everything away just because I don’t work at SUR.”

Since being fired, Kristen has been trying to start her own business venture. Back in the fall, Doute announced that she was launching a T-shirt line, which probably isn’t the most original idea ever. But Doute is super excited about it.

“I have a t-shirt line I’m really excited about,” Kristen shared, revealing, “It’s graphic tees, easy to wear and comfortable. It’s for girls all shapes and sizes. I’m really proud of it.”

But Kristen Doute is also working on a food blog, which focuses on her daily routine as a vegetatian.

“I’m also going to be working on a vegetarian blog,” says Kristen, revealing, “Not just recipes but my lifestyle too. It’s nice to put my energy into positive things rather than going into SUR and dealing with all that negative energy. So really, I have to thank Lisa.”

Do you think Kristen Doute will come back to SUR, begging for her job to stay on Vanderpump Rules?

[Image via Bravo]