Disney Movie House ‘Up’ For Sale? Tiny House That Inspired The Film May Hit The Market Soon

Disney movie house 'Up' for sale soon?

That Disney movie house from the movie Up was based on a real house in Seattle. There’s good news if you want to have a personal experience with the tiny house as it could go up for auction in March.

Yes, when Carl Fredricksen tied a bunch of balloons to his house and made it start floating away, you probably didn’t know that the homestead was inspired by a real building. According to the movie, Carl grew up with the love of his life, and when she died, he was about to be forced to go to a nursing home. In an act of defiance spurred by a dream, he attempts to fly away with the house to South America. Along the way he picks up a varied crew of characters including a Boy Scout who ended up accidentally lifting off with him.

This video from “Nostalgia Critic” Doug Walker explains it amusingly well.

You might not be able to fly off with the Disney movie house, but you may be able to buy it if it goes on the market next month.

The Up house was once owned by Edith Macefield, who died in 2008 and made news when she refused an offer for $1 million. The house was right in the middle of the Ballard Blocks development project and Edith refused to sell it, allegedly because she didn’t want to move, rather than out of defiance.

According to USA Today, current owner Greg Pinneo owes more than $185,000 for the tiny home, and if the debt isn’t settled by March, it will go to whoever has the money.

Pinneo allegedly intended to elevate the house to the height of its surrounding commercial structures, but never did.

One possibility, according to Seattle P-I, is that Ballard Blocks will buy the Disney movie house and add it to their original plan. If you want to own a piece of Disney history and the things that inspired it, you may soon get the chance.

The question is whether owning a 1,000 square foot house in Seattle built around 1900 for nearly $200,000 is worth it to you.

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