Pregnant Maci Bookout Working As More Than A Reality Show Star

Maci Bookout is best known for appearing on the hit television show Teen Mom. For several years, the Tennessee native seemed to rely mainly on her MTV paycheck to support herself, not working outside of being a reality show star. She also helped out on the Teen Mom 2 after show specials, interviewing the girls about their lives. However, it turns out that Maci is holding down another job — and she has been for nearly a year!

On Wednesday morning, Maci took to Twitter to reveal that she had quite a hectic morning. Even though she didn’t hear her alarm going off, she was able to get her son, Bentley, ready for school and get herself ready for work in record time.

Of course, the question on fans minds is, “Where does Maci Bookout work?”

It is unclear, but she first revealed that she was working a “big girl job” last July. Back then, she didn’t reveal any details about her job either, but simply revealed that it was a typical 9-5 type of job. For quite some time, fans of Teen Mom have slammed Maci Bookout for not working, but rather partying and relying on her “MTV money.” This is the kind of criticism that the other cast members have faced as well, when they don’t work a regular job.

As it stands, nearly every cast member from Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2 has a job outside of their reality show star fame. If they aren’t working, they are either going to school or raising a child. However, Maci may not have gotten a job to silence her haters, but rather to pay her debt.

Maci Bookout reportedly owes $80,000 in debt to the IRS. Despite working as a reality show star for MTV, Maci (and the other cast members) are considered independent contractors. This means that they are not technically MTV employees and that they do not have taxes removed from their paychecks. Rather, it is their job to report their income and pay the appropriate taxes to the IRS, something that Maci reportedly did not do. However, now that she is working and no longer traveling across the country to see her boyfriend every month (he recently moved to Tennessee), she can save money.

Not only is Maci working and taking care of Bentley, but she is also pregnant with her second child. Maci and her boyfriend, Taylor, are expecting a baby girl together this summer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Maci is in her second trimester of pregnancy and already losing sleep. She recently shared a photo of her baby bump on Instagram, along with a cute caption.

Maci Bookout will return to Teen Mom later this year, and fans may learn more about her mysterious job.

[Image via Instagram]