How Did Two Cheeky Irish Guys Sneak Into $25,000 Super Bowl Seats?

two cheeky irish guys

Two very cheeky, very sneaky Seattle Seahawks fans from Ireland managed to secure themselves two awesome Super Bowl seats worth around $25,000 each, completely free of charge. Well, sort of…

While the upper-deck Super Bowl XLIX seats were selling for $10,000 by game day, lower-deck seats were valued at a massive $25,000! But that wasn’t going to stop two Irish fans of American football, Paul McEvoy and Richard Whelan, from watching the game.

There was no way the friends could afford anything like that kind of cash for the game at University of Phoenix Stadium between the Seahawks and the New England Patriots, so they simply decided to walk right in.

As reported by The Independent, McEvoy and Whelan tried at first to beg for tickets while being interviewed on the NFL Network, but to no avail.

So they decided to simply enter the stadium illegally as Whelan told RTE Radio One Morning Ireland.

“Our game plan was to be super confident. We just thought if we pretend we belong there, nobody will question us. Between one layer of security and another we just walked in behind these 20 first aid workers, straight up to the front door and hid in behind them.”

In sharing their strategy, Whelan continued to explain, “Paul was looking at his phone, pretending to text me, as if we had just popped out to look at an email we got or something. We walked past another security guard that just wasn’t paying attention. We could see the field then, the stadium and the atmosphere was insane.”

After their cunning plan had worked, once inside, the two cheeky Irish guys said they seat-hopped for a while, taking people’s places while they went to the bathroom or for concessions, before settling in lower-bowl seats of two girls who were part of the halftime show, thus mainly vacant.

Having whetted their appetites for sneakiness, the two cheeky friends then skipped lines once again and found their way on to a VIP bus which brought them back to the street of their hotel, just to cap off a perfect day of sneakiness.