Butt Slasher Arrested in Peru

The notorious butt slasher has finally been caught. Johnny D. Guillen Pimentel, who was wanted for attacking several women at a Virginia shopping mall, has been arrested by officials in Peru.

The Washington Post reports that police are “just starting the process of working with federal and international authorities to return him back to Fairfax County.”

Police spokesperson Mary Ann Jennings, said:

“The work isn’t over, though, since this is one step in a process that will likely take considerable time to complete.”

Pimentel is accused of cutting several women across the butt between February and July of last year at several malls across Virginia. Pimentel’s victims were women in their teens and early 20s. Most of them were wearing jeans. Police are not sure what the motive was behind the attacks.

butt slasher

At the time of the attacks, police spokesman Laura Caldwell said:

“The attacks do appear random. Certainly no one would be expecting or suspecting anything like this to occur.”

When authorities learned that Pimentel had fled to Pery, his story was highlighted in local newspapers where he gained the nickname “cortela nalgas” or “buttock slasher.”

None of the women were seriously injured in the attacks.