Watch Tiny Tot Nail Michael Jackson’s Thriller [Viral Video]

Michael Jackson

Currently doing the rounds on Facebook is a video of what could be a mini-version of Michael Jackson, making all the moves as he dances to the music video Thriller.

The tot’s proud mother videoed him dancing to Jackson’s classic Thriller and on January 10, the video was uploaded to AFV Kids’ Facebook page, where at today’s date it has received an amazing almost 7.5 million views, 60,530 likes and has been shared 177,923 times. The YouTube version is included below but hasn’t had quite so many views.

The post was made under the status update of “Who needs twerking? This mom discovered her kid knows every step to Thriller and it is giving us life.” Scanning through the comments on the Facebook post, it is clear to see that he has impressed his social media audience with some people calling it “the best thing” on the internet.

While the video footage is not the best quality, and was probably captured on a mobile phone, we can see the little guy, wearing green shorts and T-shirt, as well as a Michael Jackson-style glove on his left hand.

Following the action on the screen, the young boy, probably aged somewhere between three and four years, matches every move his hero, Jackson, makes.

Along the way, the video has definitely made people a little happier, as Facebook user Jason Raucci comments.

“Today wasn’t a great day. This just made me feel better.”

Yet another commenter said, “This is the GREATEST thing I’ve experienced today! This kid has those moves, DOWN!!”

The little guy may have been officially identified, as one comment on the Facebook post by Dasha Monique includes a photo and says, “Here is the little boy in the video. This is my son Jalen!!!! He loves MJ!!!!!!”

According to the Mirror, the music video of Thriller the tot was dancing to was directed by John Landis and is considered to be the greatest music video of our times. Michael Jackson’s moves have certainly been emulated by many people including everything from newly-wed couples, to prison inmates and now a cute kid too.

In other news relating to Michael Jackson and children, the Inquisitr notes that Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, purchased by the late singer in 1988, might become one of the world’s largest sex assault therapy camps for children if one of the bidders for the estate gets their way.

[Photo courtesy Dasha Monique on Facebook]