Danica Patrick Takes Up “Honey Badger” Strategy For Upcoming Races

Racing hottie and Go-Daddy spokeswoman Danica Patrick is good to go for her big Sprint Cup debut Feb. 26 at the Daytona 500. Well, at least she will be once she gets into the frame of mind of the infamous honey badger.

“And the honey badger, it was last year, I think, somebody showed me this video of the honey badger, and the commentator on it was very, very funny,” Patrick said Thursday. “Anyway, the honey badger, he doesn’t give a crap, he takes what he wants. And that’s how I’m going to be this year, like a honey badger. But I feel like it’s a little diluted with the football player that has the honey badger nickname, too. He’s No. 7, as well.”

She’s talking about LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, whose association to the honey badger wasn’t enough to keep him from losing 21-0 to Alabama on Monday night’s BCS title game.

“I bet he’s not feeling like a honey badger. I bet — anyway, the video is great,” Patrick said. “He eats a poisonous snake and he falls asleep and wakes right back up. The video is funny, so I encourage you all to watch that. I think Randall something is the commentator or the name on the YouTube video.”

She went on to say:

“I don’t know, it’s a mindset. I even have a honey badger picture on my screen saver on my phone to inspire me. It takes what it wants.”

She may be late to the viral/meme phenom, but she’s going to need all the positive thinking she can get. She’s got 10 races on her schedule in the Sprint Cup Series and a full schedule in the Nationwide Series. She did alright in the July Nationwide race, leading laps and finishing 10th – and crashing across the finish line.

She’s still hot though.

Do you think the honey badger will come through for Danica Patrick?