Why Mayim Bialik Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Hates That Similac Commercial That Calls For An End To ‘The Mommy Wars’

Mayim Bialik, when she’s not trading clever dialogue with her co-stars on The Big Bang Theory, maintains a parenting blog on Kveller. Bialik, the neuroscientist by training and author of a book on attachment parenting, often weighs in on family topics in a controversial way. Her latest blog post takes aim at a recent viral sensation: that Similac ad on “the mommy wars.”

In the ad, “teams” of parents converge and trade barbs over parenting choices. The high-powered business moms accuse stay-at-home moms of spending their days getting mani-pedis. Moms with bottles fling their formula like swords while breastfeeding moms insist breast is best. A confrontation is about to take place, just as a stroller starts rolling unattended down a hill, and all parents run to rescue the baby inside. The ad ends with the Similac logo and an appeal to the “sisterhood” of moms.

AdWeek called it an “honest” ad about parenting: “No matter how closely you choose your friends, someone—even if it’s just another parent at the playground—is going to judge you harshly for your choices.”

You can have a look at the ad below.