Milla Jovovich Enters George R.R. Martin’s Lost Lands

Fans of the Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin are in for a treat. Milla Jovovich, who was kicking butt way before Scarlett Johansson impressed us all in Lucy, has been tapped to bring to life one of Martin’s characters.

The 39-year-old actress is expected to sign up for In the Lost Lands, a German-Canadian co-production that would send Martin’s book straight to the big screen. Aside from the colorful cast of characters that Martin whipped up in the Song of Fire and Ice series, he has also written more than 20 other books that are just waiting for the big Hollywood treatment.

The film will be launched at this week’s European Film Market in Berlin. The fantasy-adventure project is being produced by Myriad Pictures and it also features Shameless actor Justin Chatwin. Both Jovovich and Chatwin already have previous experience with entering fantasy realms: Jovivich battled zombies in the Resident Evil series, while Chatwin starred as Goku in the ill-advised Dragon Ball movie. Shooting will commence during the final quarter of this year and the film will be directed by Constantin Werner, who also wrote the script.

The book is about three female-centric stories set in the Lost Lands. Jovovich will play Gray Alys, a sorceress who travels into the Lost Lands to get the ability to shape-shift into a werewolf. It also follows the tale of Sharra, a warrior girl who must battle a dragon to reunite with her lover. The last story in the book is about a girl who meets a lonely witch in a spacecraft who will turn her trip into something that she never expected. After the success of HBO’s Game of Thrones, more and more people have been drawn to Martin’s other works. The drama broke records, rounding up more than 7 million viewers during the last season. That’s a huge leap from the 2 million that tuned in during the season premiere. The latest season is set to premiere this April.

Fans were disappointed after Martin announced that The Winds of Winter won’t see the light of day this year, as he’s still working hard on the sixth book in his massive franchise. Martin, however, is feeling really lucky that Jovovich will play a character that he created.

“It’s a thrill to have her be a part of this, and I will look forward to seeing her bring Gray Alys to life,” the author wrote on his blog. He also teased how the casting news might even inspire him to write a follow-up for In the Lost Lands. We’d rather you focus on writing book six, George!

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