UFC Shocker: Anderson Silva Tests Positive For Steroids, Nick Diaz For Marijuana

Anderson Silva And Nick Diaz Fail Drug Tests

How much did the UFC know about the failed drug tests for both Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz ahead of UFC 183?

This is most likely going to be the question everyone begins to ask with yet another scandal taking hold in MMA.

It’s now being widely reported that Silva and Diaz were determined to have failed drug tests conducted ahead of the major pay-per-view event by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The tests were administered on January 9, but a statement released by the UFC revealed that the results were unknown by the organization until after the PPV event occurred.

“On February 3, 2015, the UFC organization was notified by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that Anderson Silva tested positive for Drostanolone metabolites on his Jan. 9 out of competition drug test. UFC’s understanding is that further testing will be conducted by the commission to confirm these preliminary results.

While Silva was found to have steroids in his system a few weeks prior to the fight, Diaz tested positive for marijuana during the post-fight drug test.

The UFC mentioned that the organization was “disappointed to learn of these initial results”. The company also emphasized that it had a zero tolerance policy for failed drug tests.

This will be the third time that Nick Diaz has tested positive for weed. Both previous incidents resulted in Nick being suspended and in one case, having his victory over Takanori Gomi ruled a no-contest.

Although the problem of testing positive for weed could be considered a very serious offense (and probably will be in this instance), amazingly, Diaz’s offense has been dwarfed by that of Anderson Silva.

The fact that Silva tested positive for steroids ahead of his comeback win will no doubt cast a huge shadow over the seemingly hard-fought win.

It’s very possible that the win by Silva could be revised by the NAC to reflect a “no contest” result. While this is a strong possibility, a ruling is expected not to come until sometime in March or April.

As both fighters failed preliminary tests, they are both expected to be given temporary suspensions when the NAC meets on February 17.

In addition, it will be up to the board to decide whether or not either fighter will be re-licensed to fight in the state of Nevada in the future.

The UFC is expected to take serious disciplinary actions until results for the tests administered on January 19 and January 31 are revealed.

Nick Diaz has said in the past that he’s a registered medical marijuana user within the state of California and that the drug is a means of managing his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

As for Anderson Silva, this result marks the first time in 18 years that he’s tested positive for a banned substance.

Do you think the UFC had no idea Anderson Silva or Nick Diaz would fail their drug tests? If the organization was unaware, do you think this will lead to earlier drug testing?

[Image Credit: Karyn Bryant]