WWE News: NXT Superstar Kalisto To Debut As A Gay Hair Stylist On Main Roster?

Kalisto NXT WWE

In WWE’s history, superstars have portrayed a wide variety of gimmicks. Some are well-received by the WWE Universe, while others are put on the metaphorical shelf of distaste. For example, Leo Kruger, in NXT, came to the WWE’s main roster as Adam Rose. At first, the crowd popped for him, because he was different. Over time, that faded away, and now Rose is a jobber for WWE.

Rose is a guy who had a great gimmick in NXT, but the WWE Creative team changed it. Adrian Neville, who is rumored to be coming up to the main roster, might get a gimmick change. Instead of having no gimmick while being over with the NXT crowd, WWE wants to have him portray a “Mighty Mouse” gimmick.

So far, the WWE fans online don’t care for the idea. However, that time has not come yet, so there’s time to change their minds if need be.

The next man to get called up after Neville is Kalisto. He just dropped the NXT Tag-Team titles to Blake and Murphy last week. Upon his call-up to Raw and Smackdown, Kalisto is rumored to get a new gimmick. According to Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, Kalisto might get a new gimmick that will garner a unique reaction from the WWE Universe.

He reports that WWE is looking for a new masked star to take over with Rey Mysterio likely leaving but NXT officials recently tried Kalisto out with a new, unmasked gimmick – that of a gay hair stylist.

Kalisto reportedly did very well in the role and is seriously being considered to do that gimmick instead of continuing with the Kalisto character.

Now, if the WWE decides to keep this gimmick on Kalisto, then they will certainly be prepared for the different responses from the WWE Universe. The last time a WWE superstar portrayed a gay, or lesbian, character was during the early 2000s, when Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn teased a relationship. That was also in the TV-14 era of WWE programming.

It is 2015, and the WWE has been public about a good relationship with the “NOH8” campaign that went viral last year. Many big names within WWE such as Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Daniel Bryan, and Batista joined the LGBT community for equality.

WWE is also known for supporting GLAAD on their Spirit Day by going all-out in purple for the cause. It’s been more prevalent since Darren Young, WWE superstar, announced he was gay two years ago.

The big question on everyone’s minds is how the WWE Universe will act upon Kalisto’s rumored gimmick. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and perhaps WWE will test it out at house shows first. We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

[Image via F4WOnline]