Eileen Davidson Compares Brandi Glanville To A ‘Mafia Enforcer,’ Says Her Behavior Is ‘Creeping’ Her Out

Eileen Davidson continues to be appalled by Brandi Glanville’s behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On the February 3 episode of the show, Glanville showed up, uninvited, to Kyle Richards’ gay mixer, where she proceeded to engage in a heated debate with Richards, and threatened to knock her teeth out.

In response to Glanville’s behavior, Eileen Davidson took to her Bravo blog to reveal her thoughts to fans.

“Kyle was a gracious and lovely hostess, who was clearly excited to be getting all of our gays (oh, whatever) together and, who knows, maybe make a love connection,” Davidson wrote.

“That happiness flew out the window when Kim walked into the party with Brandi, who, by the way, is acting less and less like a friend and more and more like a mafia enforcer. Um…I guess Kim’s heart was in the right place? She said she wanted Brandi and Kyle to make up, but really people, at a party? With no heads up to the hostess? Was she trying to put out a fire or throw gasoline on it?”

Richards’ sister claimed to have thought it would be a good idea for Glanville to come to the party to make amends, but after their physical altercation just a short time beforehand, neither party was ready to do any such thing. In fact, the gay mixer only worsened things between them.

As for Kim’s odd behavior, Davidson doesn’t seem to be completely sane — at least judging by her recent choices.

“I’m so happy that she was in the hospital for a bit. Hopefully she is healthy and back on track. Still, she appears to be getting her days mixed up and continues to side with a woman who habitually insults and provokes her sister. How about that lovely comment about Mauricio? Talk about ‘reckless.’ What about THEIR kids, Brandi? Yuck, ick, creeping me out.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Eileen Davidson discussed Glanville in last week’s blog, as well.

“I know sibling relationships are complicated, but I still believe Kyle has her sister’s best interests at heart more than Brandi does,” she wrote on January 27.

“What was the point of keeping Kim away from Kyle? Kyle wanted to understand what was happening with her sister. Brandi admitted she was drunk. That’s who someone who is trying to stay sober has as her support system?”

“Brandi has her own issues to deal with and watching her with Kim was disturbing and not a healthy combination, IMO.”

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