Are Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Together For Good This Time?

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have been an on-again, off-again item since at least 2010, and their most recent breakup was in December -- just a couple of months ago. However, according to Fashion & Style, the couple's relationship is stronger than ever. This just complements circulating rumors and print gossip that the two may be getting married before the Loyal singer faces a judge over his latest probation violation. Tran has been seriously devoted to Brown over the course of their rocky relationship, even after she declared in December that she'd never get back with him again.

KDramaStars reports that Chris reportedly believes Tran is "the one" after rekindling their relationship. An insider close to Brown and Tran supposedly claimed that the two are ready for marriage, but admits that Brown hasn't necessarily asked her to marry him yet.

"Chris and her haven't really sat down and said let's get married, but the truth is, she's the one. He feels like he has way more stuff to prove to Karrueche than she does to prove to him. And he's working on that tremendously hard and will never let anything or anyone come in between their bond. "
Chris Brown also reportedly doesn't want to treat Tran the way he has in the past -- a feeling that may have been intensified after being adjacent to two different shootings. In fact, his recent violation of probation stems from the shooting that took place in San Jose at one of his nightclub performances. When he and Tran fled state -- due to the stress brought on by the shooting -- he was penalized by the courts. Brown's probation has been revoked, and now his freedom is pretty much dangling in limbo until he sees a judge in March. New York Daily News reports that Brown was also short by 202 hours to complete his court-ordered 1,000 hours of community service. This is what led him to delaying a tour until he could meet the terms of his community service -- an apparent last ditch effort to avoid jail or prison.

Karrueche Tran has stood by her man over the past five years of breaking up and making up, and even appeared in court with Brown when his probation was revoked. If the two end up married before his March 20 court date, then this could be all the proof Brown needs to know that she's "the one," after all. On the other hand, rumors have indicated that she cheated on him with Drake, and Brown himself has also been the focus of rumors surrounding other women. So, there is clearly no telling where this romance could go.

[Photo credit: Urban Islandz]