‘Defiance’ Season 3 Starts Production: What Is Coming Up Next On The SyFy Series?

Defiance Season 3 is coming to SyFy this summer, and production on the new season started this week. Filming started Monday in Toronto, according to Screen Spy. Weather was definitely a factor that had an impact on filming. The set in Toronto was covered in snow.

Defiance was an early hit for the SyFy channel series, but some are surprised that the network picked up the science fiction series for a third season. According to TV Series Finale, the ratings for the series dropped for Defiance Season 2. Viewership for the series dropped from 2.09 million to 1.56 million.

However, SyFy decided to stick with the series, and it picked Defiance up for a 13-episode Season 3 back in September. An official release date for Defiance Season 3 has not been released yet, but it will air on SyFy at some point this summer.

Fans can expect some new faces on the series when it does return. Three new characters have been added to the series. Lee Tergesen will portray General Rahm Tak, a leader in the Votanis Collective. Conrad Coates is playing the role of T’evgin, the leader of the Omec. Nichole Galicia will play the daughter of the Omec leader T’evgin.

Where will the action pick up when Defiance Season 3 begins? Screen Spy teased the starting point for series.

“Season three will open on the eve of an impending military siege upon the town, which has fallen on hard times following the collapse of its lucrative mines. With their fate uncertain, the townspeople face further threat with the surprise arrival of the mysterious and nearly extinct Omec, an alien race of warriors marked by the decades of subjugation they imposed upon the galaxy in the years preceding the Pale Wars.”

Kevin Murphy, an executive producer on the series, did share some photos of the cast and crew working on set on his Twitter. Even with the snow covering the set, the cast looked happy about returning to work on the science fiction series.

Fans are definitely excited about the start of production of Defiance Season 3. Some fans shared their excitement on Twitter.

SyFy has been the go-to network for science fiction series. The network plans to tackle Superman’s origin story in a new series titled Krypton.

What do you think? Are you ready for Defiance Season 3 on SyFy?