The Universe Is Dying: Will We Be Ripped Apart, Collapse Or Decay Into Nothing? [Video]

Milky Way skies light up the end of summer.

The universe will someday die, and many physicists believe that the process has already began. However, scientists are torn between a number of leading theories on exactly how the universe will meet its demise. The top three theories include the universe being ripped apart, decaying into nothing, or simply collapsing on itself. Let’s take a look at these top three theories and how we could potentially meet our ultimate end.

The Munich-based group called Kurzgesagt (translated to “In a nutshell”) is dedicated to making “science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.” The group’s YouTube channel features a variety of science-based videos that explain topics such as “evolution, time, space, global energy or our existence in this strange universe.” In the group’s latest video, “Three Ways To Destroy The Universe,” we learn of the top three leading theories on how exactly the Universe will meet its demise.

“One day the universe will die, but why and how? Will the universe be dead forever and how do we know that?”

The video discusses the “big rip” scenario, “big crunch” scenario, and the extreme temperatures doom, which includes the “big freeze” or “heat death.” In the “Big Rip” scenario, the universe is slowly ripped apart, starting with galaxies. The theory comes from the fact that the universe is rapidly expanding. It is believed that the universe may rip apart if the expansion rate gets stronger than the galaxies’ gravitational pull. The Daily Mail reports on the idea of the “big rip,” noting that dark energy may be to blame for the rapid expansion.

“Dr Mat Pier from the University of Portmouth explained that the universe’s growth when it was young was slowed by the effects of gravity. But in the past five billion years it has begun to rapidly expand because of a mysterious force which scientists have called dark energy.”

The “big crunch” scenario is the exact opposite of the “big rip” scenario. In this theory, the universe will collapse on itself as a result of gravitational pull growing stronger than the expansion rate of the universe.

“This could happen if, instead of expanding, matter in the universe decreases over time, causing gravity to become the dominant force.”

If the theory of the “big crunch” is accurate, the process could already be taking place within our universe, according to theoretical scientists. Lastly, the idea of extreme temperatures is addressed. This theory is believed to be the most likely end of humanity, according to scientists. This theory suggests that “matter would slowly decay into radiation as the universe expands.”

“Stars would dissolve, black holes would evaporate and eventually even light particles would vanish.”

This would result in either an extreme heat or extreme freeze scenario for humanity.

What do you think of the possibility that the universe is on its last leg?