Anna Duggar Shows Off Her Baby Bump (And A Little Knee) In A Stunning Red Dress [Photos]

Anna Duggar Pregnant

The Duggar family, from TLC’s reality television series 19 Kids and Counting, is known for their conservative Christian values, which includes modest dress. Therefore, it isn’t often that a Duggar makes a bold fashion statement. However, Anna Duggar was quite the fashionista at a recent political gala, where she donned a stunning red maternity dress.

Anna Duggar is showed off her baby bump in style at a political gala, which hosted politician Mike Huckabee. Josh and Anna can be seen posing with Janet Huckabee in her beautiful dress in one of Josh Duggar’s Instagram photos. In the Huckabee photo, you can see the subtle details that make the dress pop. The bright red dress features an empire waist, capped sleeves, and a simple sparkling brooch.

Anna Duggar Dress

The dress is stylish from the front and accentuates Anna’s baby bump beautifully without screaming maternity dress. However, it is the second photo uploaded to Josh Duggar’s official Instagram account that shows exactly how much Anna’s fashion sense has changed through the years.

Anna Duggar Pregnancy Photos
Anna Duggar Dress

As you can see in the photo, Anna goes for a shorter dress that barely covers her knees, which for Michelle Duggar is a fashion no-no. However, Anna looks stunning in the conservative, yet stylish, maternity dress. In fact, it is hard to tell the dress is maternity wear at all.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Anna has also hinted that the couple could be having twins. Anna has said that “twins have not been ruled out.”

What do you think of Anna Duggar’s gala dress? Is the D.C. Duggar finally embracing her own sense of fashion?