Nick Gordon: Brawl Breaks Out In Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Hospital Room [Report]

Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon found his wife, Bobbi Kristina Brown, face up in a bathtub on Saturday, and while he’s likely having a very hard time with the fact that he could be losing the love of his life, her family isn’t being very sympathetic toward him. According to Radar Online, there has been at least one major fight between the Houston/Brown’s and Gordon at the hospital where Bobbi Kristina remains on life support.

“You could hear scuffling. About maybe two to three minutes later, they came back with this person and they had their hands on him like holding onto him and you could see that everybody was distressed,” said an eyewitness. [Police officers] physically escorted him from the floor. The whole incident was very upsetting.”

Nick Gordon may ultimately be blamed for Bobbi Kristina’s downfall, as many feel that he didn’t do anything to get her the help that she may have needed. While she put on a brave face on a day-to-day, sources say that Bobbi Kristina was extremely depressed following her mother’s death (Whitney Houston died on Feb. 11, 2012). Many feel that Gordon was instrumental in making sure that his wife was okay, since they were together all the time.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gordon has supposedly been banned from being with his wife during this extremely difficult time. Reports indicate that Pat Houston has a restraining order out against Gordon, which is why he hasn’t been allowed in the room, presumably while she is there. It’s unknown if he’s actually gotten to see Bobbi Kristina much at all. There are even some rumors that Gordon may have been behind whatever might have happened to Bobbi Kristina this weekend.

According to Hollywood Life, Nick Gordon hasn’t exactly been the poster husband — and Bobbi’s family has noticed.

“There is a lot of tension whenever Nick comes around. He wants to be more involved but the family is basically shutting him out. Bobby and Whitney’s family don’t like him one bit. Aunt Pat and him got into it so bad after Whitneys death that he even threatened her. Everyone thinks he was just after Whitney’s money and was using Krissy. He bought a bunch of expensive cars and extravagant gifts for himself with Krissy’s inheritance. Nobody there trusts him,” said a source.

Surely some of these reports may be exaggerated, but anything is possible. If Bobbi Kristina dies, you can bet that fingers are going to be pointed, and this “brawl,” may get a whole lot uglier… especially when it comes to money.

[Photo courtesy of Bobbi Kristina Brown / Instagram]