Aaron Hernandez Trial: Patriots Fan Booted From Jury

One of the jurors selected for the Aaron Hernandez murder trial was removed on Tuesday for being a bigger fan of the New England Patriots than she admitted at first.

According to Radar Online, she did not fully disclose how much of a fan she was when completing the questionnaire reviewed during the jury selection process.

“[There was] credible evidence that the juror has attended more Patriot’s [sic] games than were disclosed on the questionnaire.”

When announcing her decision to remove the juror, the judge reportedly stated that she discussed her strong opinions about Aaron Hernandez not being guilty with her friends. She apparently believed that Hernandez would not be found guilty unless the gun used to kill Odin Lloyd was located. The courtroom was completely shut down for an hour on Tuesday while the judge discussed those conversations with witnesses.

“Over the last few years, the juror has expressed significant interest in serving on this particular jury.”

The judge further explained that the juror talked about the case for “the last few years” and expressed a “specific” opinion about the case. Reports confirm that one of the six selected to serve as alternates for the jury will replace the Patriots fan. The trial was scheduled to resume on Tuesday afternoon. The girlfriend of Odin Lloyd, the man allegedly killed by Aaron Hernandez, was expected to continue her own testimony.

Last week, she stated that Aaron was not the “close friend” to her deceased boyfriend that his defense attorney claimed he was in the courtroom. According to her testimony on Friday, Odin Lloyd’s girlfriend stated that Odin and Aaron were only in the “beginning stages of a friendship.”

When charging the former New England Patriots tight end with murder in June 2013, prosecutors were able to explain why it took ten days to do so.

Surveillance camera footage that tracked Aaron Hernandez’s travels between North Attleborough and Boston, as well as text messages, cell phone pings, and evidence left behind in a rental car was collected and thoroughly examined.

William McCauley, the assistant district attorney for Bristol County, used the findings to develop a strict timeline that placed Aaron Hernandez with Lloyd for nearly an hour up to the moment he was killed.

[Image Credit: Spokeo]