‘RHOBH’ Season 5: Is Brandi Glanville An Alcoholic? She Claims She Drinks To Make The Show ‘More Interesting’

Brandi Glanville Access Hollywood

RHOBH Season 5 has seen Brandi Glanville drunk more than one. But is she really an alcoholic, as many have assumed?

According to a February 3 report by Real Mr. Housewife, Glanville addressed the issue during a recent appearance on Access Hollywood Live.

“I think it’s an easy bandwagon to jump on (calling me an alcoholic) because you’ve heard it seasons before. There’s really nothing else going on. If they’re not talking about me, what are they talking about.”

Although the RHOBH Season 5 star claims she’s no alcoholic, she did admit to drinking in excess at times. However, according to her, she does it for the sake of the Bravo show.

“I know myself. It’s that third glass of wine where I go to the dark side. I know when to stop, but when you’re shooting a reality show and no one is doing anything, sometimes I just drink to make it more interesting for myself and for my viewers.”

In addition to RHOBH Season 5, Glanville is also currently starring on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, which she claims offers fans a different, more professional look at her life.

“I was happy that people finally got to see a different side of me. On Housewives all we’re doing is socializing and drinking … you don’t see the business side of me. I was really happy to have this on Monday nights so people could see I really do other things. I’m not just that crazy girl who drinks around a bunch of middle aged women so that something happens.”

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Lisa Rinna called out Glanville for being a “drunk” in her blog for Bravo.

According to the Daily Mail, Rinna suggested Glanville enter rehab for alcoholism after watching her behavior play out on the show.

“There’s too much drinking that goes on. There’s alcoholism raging like crazy and we’re having to deal with it. That would not have happened tonight if people were not drinking or on something. I’m sorry. Women do not behave like that unless they are inebriated or something else is going on. I like Brandi, but she’s a drunk. She needs rehab.”

In response to Rinna’s advice, Glanville took to her own blog, slamming Rinna for making such big accusations.

“The statements Lisa Rinna made about me needing rehab were reckless,” she wrote.

“Given her own first-hand experience, she should know that addiction and alcoholism aren’t terms that should be lightly tossed around for entertainment. Lisa R. is charming and delightful to my face but a snake behind my back. These are very serious accusations and throwing them around for public fodder is simply irresponsible, and she should be disappointed in herself.”

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