Paris Hilton’s Brother, Conrad, Arrested For Threatening Passengers On A Plane

Conrad Hilton, younger brother of Paris Hilton, was arrested in Los Angeles for becoming strangely vicious on an international flight that took place in July. According to reports, he threatened the crew and passengers and was physically violent during the flight. Witnesses in the flight described the scene as him going berserk. Hilton was allowed to walk away form the international flight after it landed. However, the incident came back to haunt him as officers arrested him today. No information has been released stating why it took 7 months to make an arrest.

TMZ reported the news first, sharing that Hilton had an insane meltdown on the flight. He yelled many obscenities as he threatened to fight an individual while squaring up to the victim. Other curse-laced threats told fellow flyers that he might kill everyone on the plane, rip through them, and even used his wealthy status to call each passenger a peasant.

Witnesses on the flight believe the outburst to be a product of drug use, as marijuana could be smelled through the bathroom door while he was in it. The situation became so violent and loud that children on the flight began to cry and many passengers became uneasy. At one point, Hilton grabbed a flight attendant by the shirt and threatened her job, proclaiming that his father would get him out of any trouble.

“I could get you all fired in 5 minutes. I know your boss! My father will pay this out. He has done it before. Dad paid $300k last time.”

Conrad Hilton’s father may have bailed him out of trouble in the past, but this time he wasn’t able to prevent his 20-year-old son from being arrested. According to the New York Daily News, Conrad blames the entire episode on taking a sleeping pill prior to the flight, which might have set him off. He did eventually fall asleep, waking to being handcuffed to his seat.

Hilton’s attorney, Robert Shapiro, of O.J. Simpson fame, states that sleeping pills were the cause of the outburst and that the brand that was taken is known for adverse side effects, such as violent outbursts. There was no comment on the smell of marijuana in the bathroom.

Hilton has not apologized for the outburst, but did brag about the way he treated the flight attendants. Official charges have not yet been released.

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]