Naked Cowboy Streaking I-75 In Auburn Hills, Michigan, During A Snowstorm Is Not What It Seems [Video]

Naked Cowboy Streaking I-75 In Auburn Hills , Michigan During A Snowstorm Is Not What It Seems [Video]

Seeing a naked cowboy streaking down highway I-75 in Auburn Hills, Michigan, is a strange sight in the first place, but if you consider that a blizzard was in full effect, then it’s even stranger still. Unfortunately, the man in this video is not a mere streaker out for his own amusement, he was suffering from a strange medical condition.

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Motorists driving down the highway on Sunday were surprised see the naked cowboy walking on the travel lanes of on northbound I-75 near University Drive. Reports say the 53-year-old West Bloomfield man ditched his Chevy S-10 pickup just before noon, disrobed on the interstate, and started walking while only wearing a cowboy hat. Francis Gojcaj used his smartphone to take a video of the incident as cars stopped for the man, who walked while staring straight ahead in the freezing snowstorm.

While seeing a naked cowboy sauntering down a highway may seem odd to most, Police Chief Doreen Olko of Auburn Hill, Michigan, claims that seeing someone streaking in this manner is not that strange as you would think.

“Actually this isn’t a call that is that unusual — it just isn’t usually on the freeway,” Olko said on his blog post about the incident.

It turns out the naked cowboy was probably suffering from “excited delirium syndrome,” a medical condition in which the internal body temperature overheats, causing a person to feel the need to strip in order to cool off. Olko commended Sergeant Scott McGraw and Officers VanLandeghem, Haglund, Brehmer, Brasil, and Brian Miller for their handling of the naked cowboy, since if they hadn’t recognized what was really going on, then it’s possible the man could have died.

“They are very incoherent and usually combative,” Olko said.

“They are not generally cooperative with the police, so a struggle can ensue in which their body further overheats and they can go into sudden cardiac arrest. If the officers aren’t prepared with medical nearby, the victim can die.”

It’s also noted that victims “tend to have a history of a preexisting psychological disorder and are likely to be chronic users after a binge” on illegal drugs. As of this publishing, it’s unknown whether or not the naked cowboy had drugs in his system.

When the police officers realized the state the naked cowboy was in, they managed to talk him into entering a patrol car. Due to the snowstorm, they didn’t want to wait for an ambulance, so they drove the man to the fire station to meet up. In transit, the man was unresponsive but he became “combative” when being loaded onto a gurney. The Metro Times reports that the naked cowboy of Auburn Hill, Michigan, is unlikely to face criminal charges for the streaking incident.