Maker of Monopoly Boardgame Replaces Paper Money With Real Money

Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly, has distributed 80 limited edition game sets which will include real money. This limited edition game is to honor the 80th anniversary of Monopoly’s first appearance in France.

One of the games sets will contain a full bank of real money, adding up to over 20,000 euros. The remaining 79 sets will contain either 10 euro or 5 euro bills.

Monopoly became a trade name in 1935 and has since accumulated more than 275 million games worldwide. With sales in France running at about 500,000 games each year, Hasbro decided that some excitement was due. The brand manager, Florence Gaillard, recently made a statement to the fact.

“We wanted to do something unique.”

When the company began to brainstorm about possible “unique” ways to celebrate the anniversary, they looked to their French customers for assistance. The company conducted a survey, to which 50.3% of the customers agreed on one thing — cash.

“When we asked our French customers, they told us they wanted to find real money in their Monopoly boxes.”

According to the Guardian, the process of packaging the real euros into the 80 monopoly boxes was not simple. Hasbro reportedly required a high level of discretion and security to transport the euro notes to their Creutwald, France, packaging center. Gaillard made a brief statement on the matter.

“It wasn’t easy to get the notes. They had to be escorted discreetly.”

The company then ran into difficulties with the real money fitting in to the normal-sized Monopoly boxes.

Many Monopoly players have expressed that the real money substitution was inevitable, because people have been asking for it for many years. Others haven’t asked, but replaced the money themselves as seen in pop culture films like Zombieland, according to the Hasbro website.

With a big reputation to top, Hasbro has planned to use the “vintage” Monopoly games for it’s 80th anniversary design. Monopoly is distributed in 111 countries, and 43 languages (according to Hasbro). The 80th anniversary design will be sent to all 111 countries, unlike the limited edition box sets.

Finding the boxes with the real cash will not be easy, according to Hasbro. The 80 limited edition game sets were distributed along with 30,000 other boxes, and are mixed in with different types of Monopoly games. The Hasbro company has over 24 total variations of the game.

Hasbro’s limited edition 80th anniversary Monopoly games are in the classic, junior, electronic, and “vintage” game types. As of now, the games are only available in France.

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