iPhone 6 Gets Clip-On Lenses; Batmobile And Straitjacket Case

Apple’s iPhone 6 is getting some swanky cases lately. Olloclip’s clip-on lenses are now made for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There are also cases that will literally turn your smartphone into a Batmobile or a straitjacket.

Any photographer will tell you that the iPhone 6 camera is terrific, but not good enough to take professional shots. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users can get two new glass clip-on lenses from Olloclip, a company that’s known for making the best clip-on lenses for mobile phones, according to Wired.


This company is offering combo lens with a 2X telephoto and circular polarizing lens. It also includes a macro 3-in-1 lens attachment. Both of these clip-on lenses are similar to its previous options for the iPhone 5 and 5S, but they’ve been redesigned to fit the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The Telephoto lens turns your iPhone 6 into a professional camera. It also narrows the field of view of your iPhone’s wide-angle lens, providing you with a 35mm lens. This will improve both your portrait and landscape shots. The photos taken from your iPhone 6 will look like something from a high-end DSLR.

The Telephoto Lens and CPL costs $100, and the Macro 3-in-1 lens costs $70. Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus clip-on lenses are available through Olloclip’s website.

You can also turn your iPhone 6 into Batman’s iconic ride. For just $50, this case not only protects your iPhone 6, but it also turns it into the Batmobile. It also comes complete with LED lighting and a projector that actually gives out the Bat-Signal, according to Comic Book Resources. A review on Gizmodo says that a utility belt covers the home button, while the pop-out front wheels gives you access to your camera lens. You’ll feel like a super hero with this new iPhone 6 case.

Loop Attachment recently launched its latest case for the iPhone 6 and it’s called the Straitjacket i6. It reportedly comes with the same design that the older Mummy cases had. The Straitjacket stands up to the rest of the cases with its unique design, as it doubles as a wallet case.

The back of the iPhone 6 case has four rubber straps that hold cash, credit cards, and other thin cards. However, there isn’t much room for most credit cards or debit cards, which means this case is only for minimal wallet users, according to Gotta Be Mobile.


The Straitjacket is ideal for iPhone 6 users who don’t like thick cases or thin snap-on cases. This case also makes the iPhone 6 easier to grip and hold onto. The Straitjacket’s added thickness and rubber prevents fewer accidents.

The Straitjacket case for the iPhone 6 is $35 on Loop Attachment’s website. It comes in five color choices: black/gray, blue/black, red/black, white/gray and white/mint.

[Image: TechStage/Flickr]