Viral Video: Amish Driver Does Donuts In Snow With His Horse And Buggy [Video]

The winter storm that overtook the Midwest this past weekend forced many people to stay inside and watch the Super Bowl in the comfort of their own homes, rather than face the treacherous conditions outside. Yet, one man that not only braved the frigid wintry weather, he did so with thoughts of a good time on his mind. A man in an Amish horse and buggy decided to test out the newly fallen snow and see what his buggy could do, as he and the horse did donuts in a parking lot. The video, which has only been circulating across the internet for a few days, has already gone viral.

The video is only 19 seconds long, but it shows that the Amish driver was prepared to have some fun in the snow. By the looks of it, the horse was having just as much fun running in circles. It was recorded in Polk, Ohio, on Sunday. The winter weather left the streets mostly empty, except for a few brave travelers, leaving ample room to turn a few donuts in the parking lot. According to the National Weather Service, Fox 8 reported that only 2 inches of snow had fallen, much less than many parts of the Midwest, but still enough to cause treacherous driving conditions.

The video was recorded by Shayla Buhl, a worker at the Polk Market and Deli, located on North Main Street. She stated that she looked out the window and saw the Amish buggy doing donuts, so she grabbed her phone and recorded. She did not think it would become a viral hit.

“I just looked out the window and grabbed my phone. They had it up on two wheels at one point.”

The video even made it over to the United Kingdom, where Metro U.K. reported on it, also sharing a video of a man skiing behind an Amish Buggy.

The viral video clip shows that even in conditions that are unfavorable, there is always a means to have fun. Although, doing donuts in a horse and buggy, or a car, may not be the safest way to have fun in the slippery snow. The driver of the horse and buggy is lucky it did not tip when it went up on two wheels, potentially injuring the horse or driver. Luckily, both horse and driver were safe after having their fun.

[Photo Courtesy: WJW TV]