ABC's 'The Bachelor' 2015 Spoilers: Chris Soules Faces Key Dates In Episode 6

Fans were left hanging Monday night with ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season. Chris Soules stepped away from the ladies just as the cocktail party was about to begin and Kelsey Poe ended up on the floor with a medic over her. Fans want Bachelor spoilers regarding Episode 6 airing on February 9 and there are plenty available.

ABC teases that all hell breaks loose with Poe's panic attack. Chris Soules had already indicated that he knew who he was sending home and he didn't need a cocktail party. Will his decisions change because of Kelsey's incident? Was her breakdown for real or a faked bit of drama to ensure she gets a rose? Ultimately Bachelor spoilers via Reality Steve have indicated that Mackenzie and Samantha will be sent home, with Kelsey getting a rose.

The remaining nine ladies and Soules will then head to South Dakota. Photos and teasers from the network confirm what Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers had previously revealed: there is a big group date along with a one-on-one for Becca Tilley. In what will surely be the most explosive part of the episode, there's also a two-on-one date for Kelsey and Ashley Iaconetti.

Bachelor spoilers indicate that Becca's date will come first, and she and Chris will go horseback riding and do some gun shooting. They spend time at the Black Hills National Forest and share an intimate dinner in front of a campfire. Things get cozy and it is said that she does get a rose.

Episode 6 of 'The Bachelor' with Chris Soules and Becca Tilley

The network teases that the women will end up calling out Kelsey for her supposedly fake act and it seems they've even taken to calling her "The Black Widow." Will they clue in Soules to their frustrations? That kind of discussion rarely, if ever, goes well on this show and Chris doesn't seem like the type of guy who would be all that interested in hearing about girl drama. Fans will have to tune in to see how far the ladies go with this one.

The group date involves Whitney, Jade, Kaitlyn, Megan, Britt and Carly. They join Chris to meet country duo Big & Rich and they are challenged to write and perform a love song in front of a live audience. Several ladies battle severe stage fright, but one seems to feel right at home.

Reality Steve's spoilers, and ABC photos, indicate that Britt wins this one, scoring a rose and a private concert with Chris and the country stars. Chances are that this will just serve to escalate some of the jealousy issues arising for some of the other bachelorettes.

Chris Soules on the Episode 6 'The Bachelor' 2015 Season group date

Viewers have seen bits and pieces of this upcoming two-on-one date all season and now it's time to see just how crazy it gets. Ashley and Kelsey are both dramatic bachelorettes and are opposites in many ways. Now they're on a date together with Chris and at least one of them will be headed home.

The network teases Bachelor spoilers that Chris takes the ladies on a helicopter ride over Mount Rushmore and they land in the Badlands. The two ladies are said to be combative and both are confident they'll get the rose. They badmouth one another and there are tough moments and tears from the looks of things.

This date is said to lead to one of the "most explosive altercations ever," and Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Chris Soules ends up sending both of them home. That doesn't happen often, but given the dramatics with both Ashley and Kelsey so far, it may not surprise anybody all that much.

Though the network hasn't teased anything about this in detail yet, Reality Steve's spoilers also indicate that Megan Bell will leave on her own at some point in this episode. Given the early departures of Megan, Kelsey and Ashley, Chris will find there's not really any need for a rose ceremony. The network doesn't tease anything about one, but Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that he had heard there wouldn't be one in Episode 6.

By the end of Monday's episode, Soules will have just six ladies left. From the sounds of things the drama isn't over quite yet, but Chris Soules is also said to fall in love this season and fans can't wait to see the rest of the season play out. ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season continues with Episode 6 airing on Monday, February 9 and then a handful of other new episodes airing on Sunday and Monday nights leading up to the big finale.

[Images via Richard Carlson/ABC]