Teddy Bear Massager Is The Hottest Valentine’s Day Gift

The teddy bear is getting sexier this Valentine’s Day. Introducing “Teddy Love,” “the bear that loves back.” It’s not your typical stuffed animal. This teddy bear has a nose and tongue that vibrates at 10 different speeds, according to 2Day Hit 104.1. It also includes five varying settings for added pleasure.

This teddy bear is the brains of a woman who was inspired one lonely night. She was hugging her teddy bear and wishing she were with a lover. She admitted that she was getting a little turned on while hugging her teddy bear. Creator Wendy Adams told all in a revealing interview with Xcritic.

“I started thinking if his nose vibrated this would be really erotic. Then, my husband came downstairs and … we started playing around with the teddy together, laughing and giggling. The rest is pillow talk and history.”

Adams and her husband met with an engineering company to design an electronic circuit for the teddy bear’s nose. She tried out the teddy bear prototype herself and was very happy with the results. Adams was so happy that she wanted to make money off this new sex toy.

Las Vegas Weekly also reviewed the sexy teddy bear on its website. The reviewer wrote, “just turn it upside down and, well, you get the picture.”


The risqué teddy bear isn’t just for women. There’s also a version for men. It’s available at the NSFW Teddy Love website for $100. If you’re stuck on a last-minute gift ideas, it’ll be available for $74.95, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

This isn’t the only sexy teddy bear that’s making the rounds this Valentine’s Day. Vermont Teddy wants to dominate the most romantic holiday of the year with its Fifty Shades of Grey teddy bear. The company is offering this bear as a gift for the lover who wants to dabble into a little BDSM on Valentine’s Day.

What’s so different about this teddy bear? He’s dressed like Christian Grey and he holds a pair of handcuffs in one of his paws. This bear also holds an embroidered black mask in his other paw.

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According to the description of the teddy bear on the Vermont Teddy site, “Bear seduces her with silky, smoky Grey fur; smoldering Grey eyes; a handsome grey suit and silver tie.” The Fifty Shades of Grey Bear is available exclusively through the Vermont Teddy Bear website for $89.99.

If you’re in the market for a sexy teddy bear, opt for the “Teddy Love” sex toy for those lonely nights. Or, choose the Fifty Shades of Grey bear if you love the books and movies.

[Image: Teddy Love]