'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: See The Weird Midseason Premiere Opening [Video]

The Walking Dead fans don't have to wait until Sunday to watch the beginning of the midseason premiere - AMC has shared the first two minutes of the episode online. It features family photos, a funeral that might not be what it first appears to be, and the beginning of a journey to a new place that could turn out to be a safe haven. Be forewarned that spoilers lie ahead.

Some of the scenes in The Walking Dead clip below have been featured in previous promos, but there's plenty of new footage. It includes a conversation between Rick and Noah about a walled community in Richmond, Virginia that will likely turn out to be Shirewilt Estates. Rick also consults with Eugene, Michonne, and Glenn about making the long journey to Virginia.

The beginning of The Walking Dead preview features flashes of Woodbury and the prison, and there are also mysterious photos of two boys. According to Moviepilot, there's some speculation that the photos show Noah with a twin brother (the boys are wearing the same clothing in one photo), but it's also possible that the photo depicts Noah with a cousin.

The Spoiling Dead Fans shared a preview of The Walking Dead midseason premiere that was published In the print edition of Us Weekly, and it explains why the episode's intro is so odd, disjointed, and confusing. After the first two minutes, the show will cut to Rick & Co. traveling down a desolate highway on their way to the barricaded community Noah mentioned in the video above.

"Cicadas chirp ominously as Rick, on a crackly walkie-talkie, checks in with Carol (Melissa McBride) and the others back at camp. And those ever-looming walkers seem especially vicious… But after the inevitable attack, the thrills stall. One petrified member has some weird hallucinations (cryptic intro explained!) that go on forever."
Perhaps Noah is the on having the hallucinations -- he's not as used to living on the road as the rest of the group. The midseason premiere is described as a "contemplative" episode in the Us article.

Many fans of The Walking Dead probably assume that the funeral scene in the promo features Beth Greene's burial. However, there's been some speculation that the midseason premiere features a flash forward. This means that the group may be attending a funeral for Noah, Tyreese, or both men. It's hard to tell because of the tree branches in the way, but it doesn't look like either man is standing around the grave with the rest of the group. The actors who play Tyreese and Noah, Chad Coleman and Tyler James Williams, have both signed on for new TV series, so their days are definitely numbered.

Luckily, hope may be on the horizon for the remaining remembers of Rick Grimes' group. As the Inquisitr previously reported, a plot synopsis for episode 11 reveals that the survivors will meet someone "who appears to be a friendly person." This person just might lead them to the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 8, at 9 p.m. ET. Are you looking forward to the midseason premiere even more after seeing the preview?

[Image credit: Gene Page/AMC]