Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Taken Off Life Support Today? Family Member Reportedly Reveals ‘She’s Gone’ [Report]

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition has been a big topic of discussion over the past couple days. Since she was found unconscious in a bathtub on Saturday, Jan. 31, rumors have been running rampant. Several media outlets, namely TMZ and Media Take Out, reported that Bobbi Kristina’s brain activity had “significantly diminished” and that she was declared “brain dead.”

People also reported that a full recovery would be considered “a miracle,” since she is currently breathing with the help of a ventilator due to very minimal brain function. However, none of the speculation was ever confirmed.

Now, there’s yet another report related to the previous claims. While some reports have insisted that Bobbi Kristina has made slight improvements, one family member has now reportedly confirmed to Media Take Out that the end is near. On Monday, Feb. 2, it was reported that the family had already begun discussing funeral arrangements.

Media Take Out claims doctors have informed the family that Bobbi Kristina’s chances of recovery are “virtually impossible.” They’ve also suggested that they consider taking her off life support. The decision could be made as early as this afternoon.

“A source close to the family tells that doctors have told family, that it is a virtually impossibility that Bobbi Kris will ever wake up from her coma – and they should seriously consider removing her from life support immediately.”

“ has exclusively learned that if the family does not see a substantial improvement in Bobbi Kris condition – they plan on removing life support as early as THIS AFTERNOON.”

On Feb. 2, Hollywood Life also reported similar claims, stating that the family is preparing for the end. The report confirms that a decision will be made on Feb. 3. “Tomorrow [Feb. 3] is decision day and it looks as though they will be taking Krissy off of life support,” a trusted source reportedly revealed.

“If her condition does not improve by tomorrow, they will likely take her off life support.”

It is still unclear whether the family will adhere to the doctors’ suggestions, or if the claims are true. However, the family member did give a brief statement about Bobbi Kristina’s current state and the daunting decision the family is facing. “She’s gone… but if God wants to give her back to us, we’ll accept her.”

[Image via Twitter]