May 31, 2017
Roswell 1947 UFO Crash: Authentic Roswell Alien At Area 51 Footage Released, Magazine Claims

A magazine claims it has discovered the "authentic Roswell footage," which shows U.S. military personnel at Area 51 in 1947 carrying a dead alien recovered from the Roswell UFO crash site.

Roswell, New Mexico, was the site of the most famous UFO incident in history. On July 8, 1947, a local newspaper reported that government officials had found a crashed "flying saucer."

Although officials later denied the story, UFO and alien enthusiasts have insisted over the years that military officials secretly moved the remains and debris from the Roswell UFO crash site to the Area 51 secret military base.

The "Roswell footage" below, which claims to be an authentic footage from the crash in 1947, was uploaded on Jan. 13 to the YouTube channel of Susan Duclos, linked with the "alternative news" website All News Pipeline.

Jonathan Eisen, editor of Uncensored, a "New Zealand and Australian quarterly," claims that the magazine was the first to uncover the footage.

Eisen posted the Roswell footage to All News Pipeline on Jan. 13, under the title "Is This The Real Roswell Alien Footage?" He also posted the footage to the website of Uncensored on Jan. 22, under the title, "Roswell Original Footage Of Dead Alien Rediscovered By Uncensored Editor."

According to Eisen, Uncensored's "technical people did a frame by frame analysis prior going to press with it and determined that it was legitimate in every respect."

Eisen claims that the 36-second footage shows the dead alien from the Roswell crash site being carried from a military ambulance to a "military airplane hangar" at Area 51. The alien is shown being examined by military personnel, "including at least one MP."

According to Eisen, the footage has "enough clues to accurately date the footage from the late 1940s."

Open Mind's Jason McClellan, however, debunks Eisen's claim that Uncensored was the first to obtain the footage.

McClellan notes that the clip claiming to be the authentic footage of the recovery of the dead body of an alien from the Roswell crash site has been circulating online for several years.

Is This The Authentic Roswell Footage?

Below is a copy of the footage posted online in 2011.

McClellan also notes that the footage appears in a 2006 movie Alien Autopsy (see 1:07).

Comments by YouTube viewers of the clip from the movie Alien Autopsy, in which the Roswell footage is featured, indicate there has been a debate in the alien and UFO community since 2007 about the authenticity of the footage. Thus, Eisen was wrong claiming that Uncensored was the first to discover the Roswell footage. The video has been circulating online and members of the alien-UFO community have been debating its authenticity since 2007.

Some YouTube viewers in 2007 believed that the footage used in the movie was authentic, despite denials by the filmmakers.

"The two guys responsible for making the film came out and reported that they faked the film and that it was a recreation of a film they actually saw … But in the movie about the hoax... there's a scene where the military is taking the alien off the truck... If you look closely you see it's the exact same alien as on the table in this autopsy."

The YouTuber was probably referring to the 1995 television documentary Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?, which claimed to show a genuine autopsy of an alien recovered from the 1947 Roswell crash.

The maker of the 1995 documentary, Ray Santilli, later said that what was shown in his documentary was a studio reconstruction of an authentic Roswell footage he obtained from a military source. He said he was unable to use the original footage because it was irreparably damaged.

According to Open Mind's McClellan, Santilli "hinted" that the Roswell footage now being circulated online could be the same as the original footage he obtained from a military source.

Santilli's suggestion has led many to believe firmly that the Roswell footage being circulated online is authentic.

However, some skeptics say that the apparent similarity between the alien in the 1995 documentary and the alien in the 2006 Alien Autopsy movie was due to the fact that the same sculptor, John Humphreys, created the aliens in both movies, as revealed by UFO researcher and author Philip Mantle.

According to Humphreys, "I made the alien and performed the effects for the black and white sequence."

The Roswell Alien

However, Humphreys did not say whether the "black and white sequence" he created was a studio reconstruction of the original footage that Santilli claimed he obtained from a military source. But according to Metro, Humphreys dismissed the Roswell footage being circulated online as "utter bollocks." He insisted that he created the footage for the 2006 movie.

Nigel Watson, UFO expert and author of UFO Investigations Manual, also expressed doubts about the authenticity of the footage.

"I'm told this was the shot and used for the Alien Autopsy film starring Ant and Dec – and has previously been uploaded as if true in 2007 – though that could be disinformation!"

"Due to public pressure, internal investigations were launched by the US General Accounting Office to disclose the truth of the matter. Their first report, in 1995, confirmed that the wreckage was of a Project Mogul balloon. In 1997, their second report looked at the rumors and stories about recovered alien bodies. This concluded that they were a combination of rumors, and half-forgotten memories of missions involving the recovery of injured pilots or anthropomorphic dummies used in experimental projects unconnected with UFOs."

But an uploader of the Roswell footage in 2011 had dismissed claims about "Project Mogul" and claims that the "alien bodies" were, in fact, "anthropomorphic dummies," pointing out the intensity of interest that the military personnel in the Roswell footage showed in the "dummy."
"This is the only recorded images of the Roswell, New Mexico, UFO Crash in 1947. But officially no UFO crash ever happened in Roswell, it was a military 'weather balloon' carrying test dummies according to US Army. Well guys, in this footage, US Military personnel seem to be very much interested in test dummies. They even carry the dummies on stretchers … Maybe so as not to hurt them … If you can pause the video at 33 seconds, you'll see that the US Military personnel was not even good at Basic Mathematics. They made dummies with six fingers."