Kelsey Poe Deletes Twitter After ‘Bachelor’ Fans Bash Sanderson Poe’s Death Story [Updated]

Bachelor star Kelsey Poe probably didn’t expect the negative attention she received on Twitter last night, but fans lashed out at her after she talked to Chris Soules about the death of her late husband, Sanderson Poe. Some fans doubted her “amazing story” and others gave her the thumbs down for using his passing as a way to snag another rose.

Twitter lit up with mostly negative opinions from fans, causing Kelsey to shut down her Twitter account. Hours later, she returned and set her tweets to “protected.”. She then spoke out against the detractors on Facebook (below) and set her Instagram account to private. [Update: Kelsey re-opened her Twitter account Tuesday evening.]

Poe, a guidance counselor from Austin, Texas, is also being called out for writing about herself in her husband’s obituary that was published in Tulsa World in May 2013.

“Sanderson Patrick Poe, age 42, had great passion for the loves of his life. His wife, Kelsey Lyn Poe and his music. Together Sanderson and Kelsey set their course as one and as one they were. Kelsey’s goal and Sanderson’s supportive commitment were achieved May 18, 2013 with Kelsey’s graduation with her Master’s Degree from the University of Texas in Austin. Sanderson lived his life as a loving partner to Kelsey and to be true to his own free spirit.”

Even Bachelor host Chris Harrison weighed in on the topic, stating in his blog that Kelsey was “arrogant” when talking to the other ladies about her dead husband, yet became insecure when Chris told the girls that she shared her story with him in his hotel room. At the end of the show, she had what appeared to be a panic attack, leaving fans with a cliffhanger and no rose ceremony on Episode 5.

After the show aired, Kelsey took to her Facebook page to comment about the backlash on Twitter.

“Insinuating that I would dishonor my husband is ripping the scab off an unhealed wound. The pain is tortuous.”

Her Facebook page seems to be a promotional tool for her blog,, but she also promotes her appearance on the Bachelor.

“Prior to appearing on The Bachelor, Kelsey Poe shared her story via her website, (and will resume in March). It was through writing that she expressed herself and shared her story. So before the episode airs, there is a very important part of Kelsey to introduce – that of a writer.”

Do you think the mean tweets about Bachelor star Kelsey Poe‘s deceased husband were inappropriate or is she using his death to bring attention to herself on the show?

[Image: @BachelorABC Twitter]