‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Lead Spoilers: Reality Steve Gives Update On Possibilities, Likelihoods

Reality Steve breaks down details on 'The Bachelorette' possibilities, including Britt Nilsson

Fans of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules are already buzzing about The Bachelorette 2015 season, wondering which lady will be handing out roses. Based on the show’s history, it’s very likely that the gal in charge will be someone from Soules’ season. Reality Steve’s spoilers have previously indicated that he thinks Britt Nilsson will get the gig, but now some are wondering if that’s how things ultimately will play out.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have previously indicated that of the ladies on Chris Soules’ Bachelor season, he sees Britt Nilsson as the most likely candidate to become The Bachelorette 2015 lead. Why? She definitely makes an impression, as viewers have seen, and producers apparently liked her during filming.

Bachelor spoilers have indicated that Britt will leave on her own during Episode 7, apparently deciding that there are other ladies there who would be a better match for him. Given how things have been going so far for Chris and Britt, this will surely come as quite the shocker for many fans. Reality Steve’s spoilers have pointed out how this could well be a handy set-up to make Britt the Bachelorette, somewhat similar to how Andi Dorfman and Ali Fedotowsky left on their own during their seasons of The Bachelor and went on to lead their own seasons.

However, some wonder if things have changed. Episode 5, which aired Monday night, didn’t necessarily paint Nilsson in the most flattering light. Ashley Iaconetti claimed that Britt has said she likes being single and doesn’t really want kids. Naturally, however, that conversation wasn’t caught on camera, and Britt was telling Chris otherwise. In fact, Nilsson addressed it via her Instagram page and denies that things were shared accurately.

Reality Steve addressed the speculation in his newest blog post. He doesn’t think that Britt is out of the running, despite the editing, but he admits that this last episode did shake things up a bit in terms of what he thought was slated to happen. Interestingly former Bachelor star Sean Lowe tweeted during the show that based on editing, in his opinion, Britt is definitely not going to get the gig.

Steve notes that the “Women Tell All” special will tape on February 21 and, naturally, Britt is expected to be there. Bachelor fans can bet that she’ll get a lot of camera time, as producers will likely be looking at it as one final chance to gauge whether fans would embrace Nilsson as The Bachelorette. That is definitely the way things played out with Juan Pablo Galavis during his “Men Tell All” appearance.

The big question is, if Britt doesn’t get the gig, who will? Steve has said all along that she’s the only logical contender from the final six on Soules’ season, and it’s highly unlikely production would dig any further back than that. Bachelor spoilers indicate that the final group contains Britt, Carly Waddell, Jade Roper, Becca Tilley, Whitney Bischoff, and Kailtyn Bristowe. Supposedly, Whitney and Becca are the final two.

Though many are rooting for Becca to get the gig, she hasn’t had much screentime and many would say that definitely diminishes her chances. Steve is adamant that there’s no way a second-place finisher will get the gig, given the filming schedule. Whitney is said to be unavailable, and though Jade comes off as the squeaky-clean girl next door, the secret that is said to be revealed soon regarding her explicit photos online would seemingly cut her off the list.

Carly is getting more screentime, but she seems an unlikely candidate. How about Kaitlyn? Prior to the season airing, she would have seemed an unlikely fit. Her social media pages prior to doing the show seemingly indicated a wild party girl persona. Interestingly, however, her Instagram page has toned down significantly since she filmed the show.

Kaitlyn started the season with some raunchy jokes, and many expected her to be a crazy bachelorette this season. However, editing definitely has painted her differently in more recent episodes, and some are definitely wondering if the show might consider her. Reality Steve says no, but Bachelor spoilers do indicate that she ends up in that hot spot that so often leads to getting the gig.

There’s always the possibility that a vet from another season of the franchise will be considered. It would not come as much of a surprise if rumors started floating around about that potential development soon, much like how Arie Luyendyk, Jr.’s name popped up in the weeks before Chris Soules was announced as The Bachelor 2015 lead.

If the show were to consider someone else, who would they pick? Though fans have their ideas and favorites, most would say there aren’t necessarily any strong contenders. Bachelor in Paradise fans will probably mention ladies like Michelle Money, Clare Crawley, and Sarah Herron, but right now there doesn’t seem to be anything solid indicating the show is looking in that direction. Galavis’ former flame, Nikki Ferrell, has even been mentioned, but fans aren’t convinced there’s anything to that one.

When will a decision be made? The Bachelorette 2015 season probably begins filming either Tuesday, March 10, or Wednesday, March 11, according to Reality Steve, just after Chris Soules’ finale and “After the Final Rose” special. Production starts filming introductory packages and background footage on the lead in the couple of weeks before that. Though the network likely won’t announce their decision until that “ATFR” special, most would imagine Reality Steve’s spoilers will reveal the decision sometime during that last week of February or so, if not before.

Should Britt Nilsson get the gig? Some fans love her, while others wonder about her sincerity. If it’s not Britt, which lady should be handing out roses? The Bachelorette 2015 season is set to debut in May, and fans can’t wait to see who scores the opportunity.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]