Brandi Glanville And LeAnn Rimes Engage In Twitter Feud?

Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes recently engaged in a Twitter feud over a series of photos shared by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

On February 2, Star Magazine reported the following.

“Here we go again! It seems LeAnn Rimes is taking a shot at Brandi Glanville after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posted Throwback Thursday photos of herself from the time period when she was married to Eddie Cibrian.”

According to the report, Glanville’s cooking collage was shared on January 29, and included four photos of herself making mashed potatoes for her family, which, at the time, included Cibrian and their two sons, Mason and Jake.

Less than two hours, Rimes shared a photo of her own, and included Glanville’s “cooking for family” hash tag, seemingly reminding Glanville that Cibrian, who was once part of her family, is now married to Rimes.

A short time later, Rimes appeared to have a change of heart in regard to the Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes feud, and shared a tweet, mocking those who feud over the internet.

“Check out the Funny Or Die Weather App. Real Weather, Real Funny. Hahaha I love this new app.”

Along with her tweet was a photo message, which read, “DAILY REMINDER Arguing on Twitter is like wearing a fedora. Stop it, you look like an a**hole.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes’ feud was recently reignited after Glanville spoke of Cibrian’s private parts in an interview on Andy Cohen’s late-night show, Watch What Happens Live.

“He’s very well hung. He’s good at what he does, for sure. He’s had a lot of practice.”

During her appearance, Glanville also claimed she was open to the idea of Rimes appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Bring it, I’m not ‘scurred.’ Then you have to talk to Mr. Cibrian, who’s hated the show and sends letters to you and Bravo and Evolution that said, ‘No kids, no this, no that.’ So it would be very interesting all of a sudden to have her say, ‘O.K. I’m game, bring it.’”

After hearing the interview, Rimes took to Twitter to fight back.

Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes have been at odds since 2009, when Rimes began sleeping with Cibrian while he was still married to Glanville.

[Photo via Twitter]