‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: ‘Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby’ Brings New Confrontations In New Settings

Abby Lee Miller and the girls of Dance Moms are heading to Los Angeles in the new episode airing on Tuesday night. While the crew has been to California before, this time they’re aiming to make it a more permanent situation. From the sounds of things, however, the transition isn’t going to go very smoothly. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for the February 3 episode?

The Season 5, Episode 5 show is titled “Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby.” The Abby Lee Dance Company crew is looking to make it big in Hollywood, but it seems that Miller may find herself feeling overwhelmed. Lifetime teases that she’s about to have her biggest meltdown yet, and that’s definitely saying something when it comes to Abby and this show.

Dance Moms spoilers, via the show’s Facebook page, show that Abby coordinates an audition for the girls with a casting agent. Everybody gathers at the studio and Holly asks Abby if she has any words of advice for the girls. Miller looks a bit disoriented, and Holly pushes, saying she thinks it’s a disgrace that Abby hasn’t been around the group for days as they all adjust to the relocation.

This, naturally, doesn’t sit well with Abby. She blows up and pulls Nia into it, saying that Holly needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. It’s apparent via other Dance Moms spoiler previews that the moms are buzzing quite a bit about Abby not being accessible, and perhaps being in over her head in Hollywood.

Another clip shows JoJo and Jess seemingly preparing her for the group dance, though she’s not a part of it. Holly predicts that this is not going to end well and, indeed, it doesn’t. Abby snaps at JoJo, saying she’s being a greedy monster, and things look ugly.

What Dance Moms spoilers are available regarding this week’s competition? According to the show’s Wikia site, the lyrical group dance titled “I’d Rather Be” takes second place. Maddie has a solo that garners a perfect score and first place both in her division and in the overall standings. Kalani also has a solo, and she earns first place in her division and second overall.

The ALDC has some stiff competition from both the Rage Entertainment Complex and the Murrieta Dance Project. The Murrieta group takes first overall in the group dance, while the other group has solid placings, as well. There is expected to be drama regarding the competition performances because apparently, Miller was gone for most or all of the dances.

This season definitely differs from previous seasons, given the departures of Chloe Lukasiak and the Hyland family. There are new faces in the mix and it seems there are more changes ahead, but long-time fans are sticking with the show. Many are quite curious to see where things go from here.

Will Abby Lee Miller, the ALDC, and the Dance Moms girls be able to succeed in Hollywood? Just how ugly do the confrontations get this week? It all plays out in the episode titled “Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby” for Dance Moms airing on Lifetime on Tuesday, February 3.

[Image via 2014 Auditions]