Chris Harrison Dishes On Kelsey’s ‘Arrogance’, Britt’s Sincerity & Upcoming ‘Bachelor’ Drama

Bachelor host Chris Harrison promises big time drama on Episode 6, including the continuation of Kelsey Poe‘s panic attack, a wild 2-on-1 date, and how the remaining girls will question Britt’s sincerity.

On his Bachelor blog, Harrison recaps the craziness that took place on Episode 5 and gives some clues as to what’s in store for fans next Monday night. The show ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, with Kelsey on the floor with medics after having what appeared to be a bout of anxiety prior to the rose ceremony.

Of course, fans won’t get to see Chris Soules hand out roses until next week, since the focus was on Kelsey. The buzz on Twitter indicates that no one is buying her panic attack story, something Chris Harrison seems to question, too.

“Next Monday night we begin right back where we left off, on the floor outside the bathroom. You will see the rest of Kelsey’s panic attack and you can decide if you think it was legit or all an act. The other ladies are starting to really question Kelsey, and this ‘incident’ didn’t help any.”

Harrison states that Poe comes off as “extremely confident and almost condescending to the other women” when talking about emotional things, such as her life as a widow, but when Chris told the ladies that Kelsey had visited him in his room, her “arrogance gave way to insecurity.” That’s when the panic attack happened — something that is viewed by many as a ploy to get his attention.

Chris touched on Britt’s 1-on-1 hot air balloon date with Chris and revealed that she wears full makeup to bed every night, not just for an early date with the Bachelor. He noted that the other ladies already questioned her sincerity before the date, but when she bragged about napping with Prince Farming, her popularity among the remaining women plummeted.

[Spoilers ahead]

Reality Steve‘sspoilers indicate that Britt doesn’t make it much further on the show, so they may not have to worry about her motives on the show for long. There are also rumors that she is in line to be the next Bachelorette, so fans may see more of Britt in the future.

Next week, Chris Harrison teases that everything “boils over” on Week 6. But first, the drama with Kelsey is addressed and fans will finally get to see the Week 5 rose ceremony. Spoilers indicate that Mackenzie and Samantha will be sent home and Britt, Whitney, Carly, Megan, Kaitlyn, Jade, Ashley I., and Kelsey will head to Deadwood, South Dakota.

“We visit the Wild West town of Deadwood, South Dakota. As you can see, tensions are high as more and more relationships are being built here. Next week everything boils over, and you will witness the wildest, most dramatic two-on-one date in the history of this show.”

Learn more about next week’s crazy two-on-one date here. Tune in to watch the next episode of the Bachelor on February 9 at 8 p.m. ET

[Image: ABC]